Harry Potter: The 10 Worst Issues Harry Himself Ever Did



Harry Potter is likely to be the hero of the extremely well-known franchise, with the youthful wizard remaining the human being that’s noticed as the last word superior character within the movies and is the one wizard liable for defeating the Dim Lord.

While Harry Potter is taken into account to be an enormous icon and a hero to a number of supporters of the publications and flicks, that may not signify that he’s a improbable human being with completely no flaws, as that may have manufactured him a reasonably one particular-dimensional character. In precise actuality, Harry does make quite a few issues across the class of his journey and he does make some questionable selections, and on this article, we are going to get a seem at 10 of the worst components Harry himself at any time did.

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10 Blowing Up Aunt Marge

We’ll begin off with an individual that almost all lovers really loved, regardless of the reality it’s one explicit of the worst issues he does all by means of the movies, which is when he made the choice to explode his Aunt Marge. Even though it was amusing, and the Dursley’s are the worst, it proceed to wasn’t an exquisite level of him to do.

Aunt Marge wasn’t an exquisite particular person, which is what helps make this forgivable, however on the actual time, she was an innocent muggle who expert magic for the first time, which is a factor Harry knew all as effectively correctly he shouldn’t have completed. That is habits that’s anticipated of a Slytherin, which is an individual of the reasons why the Sorting Hat makes an attempt to put him there to start out with, as he does have people tendencies at occasions.

9 Lashing Out At Ron

Harry and Ron have very a flamable friendship within the notion that they do like an argument, and that’s by no means further clear than in Deathly Hallows, the place by the pair argue so an excellent deal that it actually brings about Ron to go away them.

Regardless that each equally grownup males shut up crossing the road all through this entire predicament, with Hermione firmly remaining within the center, they cut back deep at nearly each different’s flaws and don’t preserve again of their analysis of 1 explicit an additional, utilizing their arguments to concentrations that hadn’t been considered earlier than.

eight Issues With His Son

Barry McCarthy as Albus Dumbledore and Jamie Parker as Harry Potter in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Though this won’t take place within the movies it’s 1 of the worst issues that Harry finally ends up finishing up, with this second occurring within the take part in, Harry Potter and the Cursed Teen, the place he begins to have a rift along with his center son, Albus.

After he’s sorted into Slytherin and ends in being good associates with Scorpius Malfoy, Harry has a subject connecting with him, with this concern getting the central focus of the entire take pleasure in as Harry makes an attempt to take care of the issue as most interesting he can. They recurrently combat and argue as Harry fails to be a superior father, inevitably telling Albus that he wished he was not his son.

seven Sneaking About

Harry Potter makes use of the invisibility cloak to his achieve quite a few moments in the course of the collection, and whereas its objective could be very a lot to not get caught, the easy proven fact that Harry spends so many his time sneaking shut to simply isn’t an excellent attribute.

Even nonetheless Harry makes use of the cloak for the higher improbable, striving to find objects or uncover out info that may help him on a quest, that won’t all the time make it the proper level to do. The truth that Harry is simply not proficient adequate or good ample to get the solutions devoid of sneaking all-around Hogwarts is simply not a improbable indicator for him, and making an allowance for no person else has this benefit, it’s simply not good probably.

six The Xmas Ball

So, let’s be reliable under, Harry Potter is a full jerk all through the Yuletide Ball, displaying a side to his persona that hadn’t been revealed till lastly that stage, which left some lovers upset with the character. Not solely did he and Ron deal with their dates, Parvati and Padma terribly, however in addition they handled Hermione horribly as effectively.

In what is meant to be an unbelievable evening for all the ladies of all ages of Hogwarts, Harry, who’s one explicit of the Triwizard Match stars, manages to wreck it for 3 unbiased people, with Ginny Weasley additionally not being too delighted with them. Whilst you may set it right down to the stress he’s under from the match, his steps by means of the Yuletide Ball are dangerous, and it’s a particular person of his worst occasions as a personality.

5 His Sulking

Harry Potter does have a complete lot of pressure on him in the middle of his time at Hogwarts, however that doesn’t justification the fact that he may be actually sulky and moody to most of his shut associates by means of the gathering, which is highlighted within the fifth movie.

When he might effectively not just like the notion of turning into positioned with the Dursleys, quickly in any case, who would? However that’s the most interesting put for him, and Ron and Hermione have been instructed to not converse to him lots, which he actually ought to positively have understood. In its place, Harry acted like a baby and sulked round, which isn’t actually precisely one factor you’d rely on a hero to do, however that’s precisely what he does, even with Dumbledore.

4 Studying Snape’s Thoughts

All by means of the Occlumency courses that Harry Potter has with Professor Snape, that are established to help him put together for his psychological battles with Voldermort, Harry makes the selection to not solely overlook him (which we are going to seem on to) but additionally to do one explicit of the worst components he has at any time completed.

Harry decides to go all out and use the courses from Snape, having a look at his have reminiscences which finally ends up backfiring on him as he learns that his very personal father had a merciless nature as completely and actually bullied Snape as a bit of one. Regardless that the moment does go towards him as he learns one thing he wants he hadn’t, it proceed to wasn’t good when Snape was really making an attempt to help him that Harry determined to attempt to injury him.

three Unforgivable Curses

Within the wizarding earth, making use of an unforgivable curse is a big sin, as they shouldn’t be utilised in any conditions, which is why they’re usually utilized by darkish wizards these as Voldermort and Bellatrix Lestrange.

Even so, Harry Potter himself makes use of an unforgivable curse not simply the second, however two occasions by means of the flicks. Very first, he works through the use of the Imperius Curse on Bogrod and Travers in the course of the Gringotts Heist, even whereas if he acquired it mistaken it might have destroyed their minds. The subsequent time sees him use Crucio, and even though he admits he didn’t imply to make use of it, the reality he has completed it 2 occasions doesn’t significantly scream hero, does it?

two Ignoring Snape’s Classes

Regardless that it’s apparent to see why Harry Potter isn’t going to need to hear to Professor Snape’s Occlumency classes due to to their damaging blood, you’d assume Dumbledore insisting he did them can be a wake-up contact for his or her worth.

Having mentioned that, Harry, pondering he is aware of most interesting opts to spy on a few of Snape’s most explicit occasions proper right here, sabotaging them and never concentrating which can permit Voldermort to lure him within the Division Of Mysteries. This certified prospects to a sequence of occasions that’s culminated by the demise of Sirius Black. Harry’s solely real family member dying is a key minute for him and the story in primary, and when he wasn’t overly reliable for his demise, skilled he paid discover to Snape, it may have been averted.

one Sectumsempra

Beforehand within the listing, we identified the unforgivable curses and the way they actually ought to by no means ever be made use of, however not less than Harry was conscious of what they have been. When he decides to bust out the Sectumsempra spell, he has no clue what’s about to materialize, as he simply uncovered it ready in a reserve.

He works through the use of the spell on Draco Malfoy and just about kills him rapidly, with Draco getting nonetheless left to bleed out, with the one motive he survived is that he managed to get well being care help. The truth that Harry can be so ruthless and careless is a really clear signal that he didn’t remedy about Draco’s properly-currently being and actually required to very significantly injury or eradicate him, incomes this the worst matter that he has at any time carried out.

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