Kanye West Is Interested To Change His Name Just To Make People Understand That He’s A Billionaire


Kanye West was as of late named one of many world’s wealthiest hip leap specialists by Forbes, with the distribution evaluating his complete belongings at $240 million. West, however, wants you to know he’s not a tycoon — he’s a particularly wealthy individual. The rapper drifted the potential of legitimately altering his identify to “Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West,” simply so everyone is aware of it.

“Martin Luther King didn’t get slaughtered in light of the fact that he had a fantasy; he had something different he was gong to discuss. He discussed dark strengthening, financial strengthening,” West stated on the Quick Firm Innovation Pageant. “At the point when I did Forbes, I demonstrated them a $890 million receipt despite everything they didn’t state ‘tycoon.’”

“They don’t need us to realize that we can purchase land; they don’t need us to have the 100 percent possession I have at Yeezy,” West saved, alluding his design line, which Forbes estimated would high $1.5 billion this yr. “At the point when individuals state it’s rough to consider yourself a very rich person, I state I may lawfully change my name to Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West for a year until you all see precisely what it will be… It will be on the tag.”

On the off likelihood that West sticks with the identify change, we might be seeing “Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West” on the 2024 presidential voting type. The Chicago native likewise tended to that prospect in the course of the Quick Firm speak. “At the point when I run for president in 2024 — ” he started, earlier than laughing from the group of spectators interfered with him. “What you all chuckling at? We would make such a significant number of occupations!”

“I’m not going to run, I’m going to walk,” West saved, as per THR. “At the point when you see features saying Kanye’s insane — one out of three African Americans are in prison and every one of the superstars are in prison additionally on the grounds that they can’t state nothing, they heard no point of view, they’re so frightened!”

Its a well-known truth West has an enthusiasm for legislative points. He referenced a possible 2020 presidential provide earlier than, and broadly grow to be a detailed acquaintence with President Trump, in any occasion, carrying a pink “MAGA” cap. West’s important different, Kim Kardashian West, has moreover grow to be an easy backer for prison fairness change, assembly with President Trump a couple of occasions to look at the difficulty.