Kanye West Spills Beans On His 2024 President Run! Here’s What You Should Know


On the off likelihood that rap head honcho Kanye West has his route, we might all recite Yeezy for President in 2024.

This most up-to-date declaration mustn’t shock any particular person who’s been following Kanye West for any measure of time. The 42-year-old enterprise individual and Christian evangelist have been making a variety of adjustments all through his life, for instance, surrendering mainstream music to sing about his outrageous love for Jesus. West has moreover turn out to be a blunt political observer, affirming emotions on an assortment of disputable themes. On the level when West voiced his longing to pursue essentially the most elevated place within the land on the Quick Firm Innovation Pageant, followers started laughing at his simple joke. Be that as it could, it seems Kanye West was useless real.

West defined loads of themes on the social occasion, together with tentative preparations for his billion-dollar type model, Yeezy. He has large fantasies about taking assembling again to the US and make occupations in the meantime.

Does he have your vote?

Kanye says he is working for president in 2024 pic.twitter.com/kBVlshA93d

— Advanced (@Advanced) November eight, 2019

“We will cultivate and going seed to sew and have our own cotton, hydroponic ranch, hemp homestead, and wheat ranch… and getting into how we can have less contact with the colors, in light of the fact that our hues are a major mark of the brand. Yet in addition, coloring is one of the fundamental things that is affecting the planet in the design business, so simply being dependable from beginning to end,” West clarified.

“Inside the following two years, we will probably take the assembling back to America, South America, and North America and bring it back stateside, additionally to exhibit employments for individuals back here.”

Dislike this thought simply left the blue. Kanye West implied a presidential run way back to 2015. What’s extra, in 2018, he clarified that he doesn’t purchase in to 1 gathering or the opposite. “For somebody to state you can’t ride with the two sides… it resembles a cutting edge thought of pack slamming or something,” West stated. “Indeed, even red or blue—it’s as yet red or blue. It’s divisions. We don’t have to think in divisions. We have to think in arms since we’re really one race, one individual, one human progress.” We don’t have the foggiest concept whether or not Kanye West actually plans to run for president in 2024. Be that as it could, hey, more unusual issues have occurred!