South Park’s 10 Biggest Controversies (Including Being Banned In China)



Just a few weeks in the past, South Park criticized the Chinese language authorities in a season 23 episode, and the present and all of its associated media have been promptly banned in China. It was internationally acknowledged and proved that the present’s creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, haven’t misplaced their edge and might nonetheless ruffle feathers after greater than 20 years on the air.

Getting banned in China is much from South Park’s first controversy. In reality, it’s at all times been marred by controversy, significantly from the Dad and mom Tv Council. So, listed below are South Park’s 10 Largest Controversies (Together with Being Banned In China).

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10 Bloody Mary

Virgin Mary-South Park

The episode “Bloody Mary” can be a critique of Alcoholics Nameless, nevertheless it does depict a statue of the Virgin Mary miraculously bleeding. Randy thinks that the blood has cured his alcoholism till the Pope declares that it’s not a miracle, and he makes use of it as an excuse to relapse. This depiction of Mary was controversial amongst Catholic teams.

Spiritual teams in New Zealand known as for the episode to be pulled, whereas counter-protesters stated that such motion would violate the present’s creators’ proper to free speech. Ultimately, the New Zealand media allowed the episode to air – forward of schedule.

9 All About Mormons

South Park Mormon Episode

Whereas Trey Parker and Matt Stone would go on to discover Mormonism in additional depth of their Broadway musical Ebook of Mormon, they first touched on the subject within the South Park episode “All About Mormons.” The episode explores the Church’s historical past as Stan is invited to dinner at his new Mormon classmate’s home and learns about their faith.

Whereas the Mormon characters are portrayed as completely respectable people, it additionally calls the story of Joseph Smith, the premise of the Mormon faith, “dum-dum-dum-dum-dum.” Naturally, Mormons have been offended. The Church formally condemned the episode and known as such satirizations a distraction.

eight Hell on Earth 2006

South Park Steve Irwin at Satan's Party

Within the season 10 episode “Hell on Earth 2006,” Devil throws an enormous Halloween social gathering. Steve Irwin is seen on the social gathering with a stingray by means of his chest. Devil tells him that the costume is insensitive since Irwin had died from a stingray’s barb piercing his coronary heart simply seven weeks earlier than the episode aired. When Irwin tells him it’s truly him, Devil ejects him from the social gathering for not carrying a fancy dress.

Passive viewers and South Park diehards alike felt that the joke was tasteless, and Irwin’s widow, Terri Irwin, expressed concern that her kids may in the future see the episode.

7 With Apologies to Jesse Jackson

South Park - With Apologies to Jesse Jackson

South Park tackled the dicey topic of racial language in “With Apologies to Jesse Jackson,” by which Randy makes use of a racial slur as a solution on Wheel of Fortune and turns into an outcast from society. The controversy didn’t come from African-American advocacy teams, nonetheless.

In reality, Kovon and Jill Flowers, the co-founders of the NAACP-linked group Abolish the “N” Phrase, praised the episode for utilizing its satirical content material to “[help] individuals to coach the facility of this phrase, and the way it can really feel to have hate language directed at you.” As a substitute, the Dad and mom Tv Council protested the episode for its uncensored use of offensive slurs.

6 It Hits the Fan

South Park It Hits the Fan

It may not look like an enormous deal for the phrase “s**t” to be uttered on tv today, however again in 2001, it was nearly unparalleled, particularly on fundamental cable. Within the South Park episode “It Hits the Fan,” the city’s residents stay up for the phrase “s**t” getting used as soon as on an episode of Cop Drama, because the phrase and its variants are paradoxically used 162 occasions within the South Park episode itself.

The episode turns into an exploration of curse phrases, concluding that elevated use of curse phrases lessens their impression. Nonetheless, all of the Dad and mom Tv Council heard was the 162 uncensored makes use of of the phrase “s**t,” so they condemned the episode.

5 Correct Condom Use

South Park Proper Condom Use

Within the episode “Proper Condom Use,” the rise in underage intercourse prompts South Park’s lecturers and fogeys to debate whether or not or not they need to train intercourse training at South Park Elementary. The Dad and mom Tv Council was outraged that the episode depicted kids studying about intercourse (together with one sequence by which Mr. Garrison teaches kindergarteners about vulgar positions), fearing that their youngsters would see it and be taught a satirical model of the knowledge, reasonably than the truth.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone aren’t averse to youngsters watching their present, however they’ve stated many occasions that the present isn’t supposed to be watched by youngsters and each episode is rated TV-MA, so at a sure level, don’t blame the present itself and simply cease your youngsters from watching it.

four The China Probrem

Oddly sufficient, for a present that would ultimately get banned by the Chinese language authorities, essentially the most controversial a part of an episode known as “The China Probrem” has nothing to do with China. Trey Parker and Matt Stone at all times know the way to exaggerate opinions for comedic impact. In the summertime of 2008, Indiana Jones followers have been feeling fairly upset with George Lucas and Steven Spielberg for placing aliens, CGI monkeys, and a nuked fridge in Kingdom of the Crystal Cranium.

However a bunch of scenes by which Lucas and Spielberg method an unsuspecting Indy and sexually assault him was too far for many viewers, even together with veteran South Park viewers.

three Trapped within the Closet

South Park Closet

The season 9 episode “Trapped in the Closet” lampoons the Church of Scientology, in addition to rumors that Tom Cruise is homosexual. Trey Parker and Matt Stone have been one step forward of the controversy surrounding “Trapped in the Closet.” Understanding that the Church may (and doubtless would) take authorized motion, they determined to credit score everybody on the present’s workers as both “John Smith” or “Jane Smith.”

It brought on the voice of Chef, Isaac Hayes, a Scientologist, to depart the present, which Stone would later label hypocritical, since Hayes didn’t specific any concern about religions getting satirized on the present till it mocked its personal.

2 200 and 201

The quickest approach to generate controversy is by depicting the prophet Muhammad. South Park has toyed with this a number of occasions. Comedy Central censored such an outline within the two-parter “Cartoon Wars,” which the creators discovered complicated as a result of they’d already depicted Muhammad years earlier within the episode “Super Best Friends” with hardly any controversy.

They introduced the concept again up in the 200th episode spectacular, “200” and “201,” and Revolution Muslim warned the present’s creators that they might undergo the identical destiny as murdered filmmaker Theo van Gogh. The episode was pulled, and now, it will probably’t be discovered on-line, in syndication, on streaming websites, or on residence media.

1 Band in China

South Park’s 23rd season has been following Randy’s makes an attempt to develop his marijuana farm, Tegridy Farms. In “Band in China,” he obtained the concept to promote his weed in China, figuring that there have been over a billion potential clients there. Upon arrival in China, he was locked in a labor camp with numerous Disney characters.

The episode’s major concern is how the American media is appeasing Chinese language censors. Within the week that the episode aired, the Chinese language authorities banned the present. Trey Parker and Matt Stone issued a mock apology and have doubled down on critiquing China in subsequent episodes.

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