10 Habits Make People Dislike You

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There will never be a time when everybody will like you. Some will like you for who you are and what you do while others will dislike you. There’s nothing you can do about this because you cannot change how other people think. It’s a common human nature that applies to you too. Have you ever held a conversation and the other person acted like he or she knew everything?

You probably disliked them before you could gather your thoughts and emotions. That person can also turn out to be you. There are certain habits that we have formed over the years that negatively affect our relationships. Today we are going to talk about these habits so that you can spot and avoid them on time.

1.      Asking a lot of questions

To get more information, you need to ask questions. Asking questions is one of the best ways to show them that you are interested in. However, you need to be careful to avoid overdoing it. Asking too many questions without reciprocating can come off as an interrogation. And no one enjoys being interrogated.

According to professional essay writers, you need to balance your conversations and open up from time to time. Studies conducted by the Journal of Social Psychology found out that the majority of people hate being interrogated. This could be through face to face interactions or written messages and emails. You can overcome this habit easily by developing your communication skills and giving the other person enough space.

2.      Hiding emotions

Nowadays, it has become a common practice for people to hide their feelings. Keep in mind that hiding one’s feelings is not the same as controlling them. Displaying your emotions makes you vulnerable.

When others see your vulnerability, they will listen and trust you easily. On the other hand, hiding your emotions not only makes it harder for people to trust you but also makes it easier for you to burst and lash out.

3.      Avoiding eye contact

You should always make eye contact. Looking at other people makes them feel valued, special, and appreciated especially when they are doing the talking. Failing to make eye contact might signal that you are bored, disinterested, or hiding something.

4.      Chronic swearing

This is a great challenge for most people. You’ve probably talked to someone who couldn’t complete a sentence without swearing. How did that make you feel? Did you trust them even more? Did you hate it? You don’t have to swear all the time for people to believe you. Let the conversation flow and just relax.

5.      Dishonesty

As essay writing service reports, you need to be honest and true to yourself and others if you want to be liked. Some people will hate you for being honest. Instead of being dishonest, avoid such people. We love honest people because we know we can rely on them all the time. Dishonesty kills trust and makes it harder for people to like you.

6.      Self-centeredness

Everyone is selfish. We cannot change this because it is a survival trait. People spend most of their time thinking about themselves and their problems. Loving yourself is a good thing. However, giving yourself too much attention will make it harder for people to like you. Just give others what they want – attention. And they will do anything for you.

7.      Unreliable

There’s nothing as frustrating as dealing with someone who commits and then pulls out in the eleventh hour. If you don’t want to do something, just say no respectfully. People will respect you for being open and honest with them. Don’t say yes when you should be saying no.

8.      Self-pity

Self-pitying might feel good during the initial stages because you’ll get all the attention from your loved ones. However, nobody enjoys spending time with someone who’s always looking down on themselves. If you don’t like yourself the way you are, how do you expect others to like you? Eventually, everyone will run away from you.

9.      Being late all the time

According to best dissertation service, how you manage your time reflects who you are on the inside. There will be times when you’ll be late due to circumstances that you cannot control. However, you shouldn’t make it a habit. You’ll miss out on amazing opportunities and people will start disrespecting you. Arriving a few minutes before the set time will not hurt you in any way.

10. Being distracted

We have multiple things that need to get done at any one time. And a million things running through our minds. When you fail to pay attention to other people, they’ll notice and you’ll find yourself struggling to make new friends. When someone is talking to you, put your phone down and stop thinking about other things. Give them your undivided attention.


There are a lot of things that we do knowingly or unknowingly that make other people dislike us. You need to figure out what turns you off and ensure that you don’t have it in you. Taking the time to know your strengths and weaknesses and accepting yourself the way you are will improve the quality of your life.

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