10 Interesting Facts about Put-In-Bay

Facts about Put-In-Bay

Are you planning to visit Put-in-Bay on your next vacation? Well, then you are probably looking for more information on what’s on the Island, and this article shows you some interesting facts about Put-in-Bay that you need to be aware of.

  1. Age Restriction on who can Rent or Operate a Golf Cart

In Ohio, you cannot sign a contract until you are 18 years old, and that means below 18-year old’s cannot rent or operate golf carts.

  1. Hotel Reservations Need to be Made Early in the Year

There are limited hotels on the Island, and they are usually full during the weekends. Therefore, if you plan to visit during a weekend, be sure to make reservations at the beginning of the year.

  1. Only Two Ways of Entering Put-In-Bay

The Island is only accessible through water or air transport. You can either use a ferry, private motorboat or a plane.

  1. The Ferryboats do not accept Reservations

The ferries serve whoever comes first. During the peak season, every 15 minutes, there will be a boat to pick you up, and every 60 minutes, there will be a boat to pick you up during the off-peak season.

  1. It is Not Recommended you come with your Car

First, transporting your car to the Island is costly, and second, the Island has limited parking space. You can wait for four hours for a car to be brought in and out of the Island. Almost all attractions and accommodations are within walking distance. And besides, a great gold cart ride can get you there with ease.

  1. Hotels have a Minimum Stay on Weekends and During Holidays

A two-night stay is required on weekends and a three-night stay during the holidays. However, there is no minimum stay from Sunday to Thursday as long as Sunday is not on holiday.

  1. A License is Needed to Drive a Golf Cart

In Put-In-Bay, golf carts are licensed vehicles and are subject to traffic laws such as drinking and driving and open container laws. The golf carts are only rented to licensed drivers who are above 18 years. In case one is younger than 18 years but has a valid driving license, their guardian or parent can handle golf cart rental issues.

  1. You Can’t Walk with a Drink from Bar to Bar

The open container law is strictly enforced in Ohio, and this law means that no alcoholic leaves a liquor establishment.

  1. There are Permanent Residents on the Island

Put-In-Bay has approximately 480 permanent residents.

  1. One Operating Season

Put-In-Bay’s operating season begins on 1st April to the last weekend of October when most businesses shut down. However, you can also visit during the off-seasons but expect very few activities.


Were you looking for more information about Put-In-Bay when you landed on this page? If so, this article has shown you some of the interesting facts about the Island. Now you can plan your travel with all the necessary information at your fingertips.

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