10 Travel Tips for Australia

Before you head on your bucket list vacation to Australia, you would be wise to do some research and planning so that you are able to make the most out of this opportunity. The Land Down Under is flush with an abundance of stunning natural scenery, vibrant arts and cultural scenes, and thriving metropolitan areas. Here are 10 travel tips to consider for your adventure in Australia.

Understand the Rules and What to Do in an Emergency: Following the rules set forth by government officials is always recommended, but it is especially vital when traveling in unfamiliar places. For example, when out in the ocean, be sure to stay within the flags. The flags are put in place to keep you safe from sharks and dangerous swells in the water. is also important to remember that the emergency phone number in Australia is 000.

Forget the Tip: Like many European countries, tipping your server is not required or even expected in Australia. All service charges are included in the total bill, making it unnecessary for you to add more. In addition, service workers are paid a higher wage in this country.

Recognize That Australia is Large: Most travelers are caught off guard by the size and scope of Australia. This diverse country delivers a host of experiences, but you will need to plan plenty of time to even see the highlights. For example, getting from one coast to another will take nearly six hours on an airplane, making it comparable to the US.

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Learn the Lingo: While Australians speak English, there is a definitive lingo present that may make it difficult for you to completely comprehend what the natives may be saying. For this reason, it is a good idea to brush up on some of the most uniquely Australian words and phrases before you begin your trip.

Get Up High: One of the best ways to see this beautiful land is from a birds-eye perspective from the sky. Be sure to look into the helicopter rides Archerfield in Brisbane for an amazing way to see the Sunshine Coast, the city of Brisbane, and Moreton and North Stradbroke islands.

Stock Up on Sunscreen: Australian sun is blazing hot. Particularly if you are traveling during the summer months, you will want to stock up on plenty of sunscreens. Australia has a thinner ozone layer than most places in the world, making it more susceptible to heating up extremely quickly. Not only will you feel the heat, but you may see it on your skin later in the day if you are not liberal with your sunscreen application.

Travel During the Off-Season: Not only will you avoid the most extreme temperatures, but you will also enjoy a greater cost savings if you travel during the off-season. This means planning your trip during the spring and the fall. For Australia, the shoulder season time period is March through May or September through November.

Do Not Expect to See Kangaroos and Koalas Around Every Turn: Many visitors are disappointed when they do not see kangaroos and koalas around every turn of the road. While there is an abundance of native wildlife that call this country home, you may have to be intentional about seeking out these critters. There are a number of tours and sanctuaries that will boost the chances that you get up close and personal with the animals.

Australia is Expensive: Although you will have the trip of a lifetime when you visit Australia, it is going to cost you a significant amount of money to do so. Traveling during off-peak weeks will improve your cost savings, especially when it comes to the expensive airfare.

Drive on the Left: If you plan on taking to the roads in Australia, remember that vehicles travel on the left. Even if you are not driving, you need to continually remind yourself to look right when crossing streets.

There is no time like the present to start planning your journey through Australia. Following these 10 tips will provide a good framework as you plan this quintessential travel experience.

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