11 Awesome Target Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Target Facts

For the past few years, Target has become one of the leading retailers in the United States. Whether you are going for a quick grocery run or a big haul, Target probably has everything for you. If you want to know more about America’s favourite retail store, then keep reading! 

Why the name Target?

Of course, our list of Target facts will not be complete without understanding the name behind the brand. Dayton Dry Goods was the original name of the company before they replaced it permanently. Before the company settled with the name Target, they had to consider over 200 possible names. In 1962, they finally came up with the iconic red and white bullseye logo.

The first company to give retirement benefits to its employees

Target was the first company to introduce retirement benefits for its employees in 1944. The company also donated some taxable income to the Dayton Foundation. 

Target offered its credit cards in 1995

Also known as the Target Guest Card, was launched way back in 1995. Later on, Target RedCard was introduced to loyal Target customers. You can get some perks like additional 5% discounts, free shipping, access to exclusive items, and more! 

The Target website was launched in 1999!

In 1999, went online for customers who like to transact virtually. They also offered some exclusive items on their site that you won’t be able to find in other retail stores.

Target experienced the biggest security breach in 2013

In an unfortunate event way back in 2013, Target’s customer data has been hacked and compromised. How many customers were involved? Around 60 million Target customers! Cybercriminals were able to gain access to their customer database that has all the information of all customers like full name, birth dates, card numbers, phone number, and other data. Target paid around $18.5 million for the settlement fees. Target held a two-day sale to compensate for the incident. 

Target knows when you are pregnant

This fact can be a little scary. Target came up with a strategy to know which coupons would their customer enjoy based on their purchasing behaviour. Target figured out how to data-mine a mother’s womb so they’ll know when to send out baby-related coupons in their mail. There was one instance that Target was the first one to find out that a girl in high school was pregnant. Her father called the manager of Target and asked why they kept sending her baby-related coupons in her mail. Turns out, the girl was pregnant. Talk about a unique way of telling your parents that you are with a child, right?  

Target helped in restoring the Washington Monument

The brand is known for being charitable and active in the community. In 1997, Target donated a total of $1 million to the National Park Service. The company was able to raise an additional $4 million which was used to restore the Washington Monument. Michael Graves was one of the people in charge of the restoration. Later on, Michael Graves also worked with the retail giant to design its products. 

Target introduced the use of planograms

Planogram is a tool used in merchandising and retail stores. It is a store floor plan that includes where you can place a particular product in your store. Almost all retail stores and markets adopted the same strategy. It makes it easier for people to see items and convenient for employees to rearrange the store shelves.

Target’s mascot is a dog!

Target’s official mascot is a miniature bull terrier. And yes, they have an actual real-life dog as a model. Bullseye has been part of the company’s campaign and commercial. True to the name of the mascot, an actual Bullseye logo is painted on the left eye of the dog. No worries because the paint they use is non-toxic and safe for pets. You can also buy some Bullseye merchandise in all Target stores. 

The retail store stopped selling tobacco in the 90’s

In 1996, Target made an executive decision to ban selling tobacco in all its retail stores. It has helped in reducing the number of underage smokers in the United States. Tobacco accounts for less than 1% of the total sales of Target then. 

Target has a schedule for markdowns

In case you don’t know, Target was originally established as a discount store. Products that were not sold in Dayton’s department store are shipped to Target stores. You can buy discounted products by up to 70% off! For your reference, here is the markdown schedule of Target: 

  • Every Monday: Stationary, baby items, books, clothing for kids, electronics, and accessories. 
  • Every Tuesday: Pet items, food, and women’s clothing. 
  • Every Wednesday: Clothing for men, beauty products, health items, furniture, diapers, and gardening products. 
  • Every Thursday: Sports, intimates, shoes, toys, decors, housewares, and luggage. 
  • Every Friday: hardware, auto, jewellery, and cosmetics. 


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