12 hacks to get 1000s of Instagram likes.

12 hacks to get 1000s of Instagram likes

Everybody wants people to like their posts, but most people make expectations without putting in the work.

To be honest, it’s difficult because people are busy. They don’t want to stop scrolling the feed just to like your post. But there are many things you can do to make people like your posts.

Today, we’ll discuss 12 hacks to get 1000s of Instagram likes.

Post high-quality photos

You must have heard this a million times or more, but it’s true. Quality of your photos are important to gain likes.

Say, you’re scrolling through your feed and come across a blurred or poor quality image. Would you stop scrolling and like it?

Most people won’t because poor quality images don’t grab attention.

Repurpose your content

There’s more to Instagram posts than photographs. People love when you repurpose the same content over different formats. You can use a video post to share your birthday surprise party or a before & after post to share your weight loss journey. You can also invest in carousel posts, Infographics, motivational Images, GIFs, DIY images to grab attention.

Post at the right time

Instagram is like a train. You buy your ticket by creating an account, but if you don’t reach the station on time, the train will leave. If you don’t post when your followers are online, then they will not see the posts. To tackle this problem, research through your account analytics or invest in a social media scheduling tool.

Take advantage of UGC

What is UGC?

It is short for “User-Generated Content” and created by the users of your products. UGC is huge for engagement because people are more likely to trust other people who have used your products. This is a great way to attract followers.

Learn from others

You can either learn from your competitors or famous brands outside your niche.

Say your competitor, recently posted a video with brilliant illustrations and it’s performing exceptionally well.

Then, you might try posting such a content to test whether your audience likes it.

You can also look for famous Instagram brands that get millions of likes on their content. Make pointers of anything they do that could help your brand and apply it.

Tag relevant accounts

After a group selfie when you post the image, you tag your friends to let them know you’ve posted. Similarly, when you tag relevant accounts on your content, you provide them value. This helps to expose your content to their audience as well. If things go well, you might get featured in their posts or build long term relations.

A good practice is to tag influential accounts with huge followings. But make sure the accounts are relevant to your niche.

Tag locations

Location tagging helps you to reach local users of an area. Next time you tag your location, people in your area will see your post.

Share behind the scenes

Who doesn’t love insider news?

It could be anything from of your cat meowing in the background or you drowsing while using the laptop. Behind the scene images bring a new flavour to your content.

Get your captions right!

Most people don’t stress on captions when they post, and this is a huge mistake. Captions are equally important as posts. People read captions to find out more about the posted content. This is an opportunity to engage with your followers.

Try to tell a story through captions and include CTA’s. In fact, according to a survey, people are more likely to complete an action when asked directly.

Engage with followers

Be active to your audience. If someone asks a question in the comment, answer it. If people are enjoying a conversation in the comments section, take part in it and have your say or joke around. This provides value to your followers and creates a positive impression of you.

Promote your content

Take advantage of Instagram ads to promote your content. You can even share your IG handle on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Host Giveaways and Contents 

Contents and giveaways can earn you many likes and followers. You can do this by hosting contests with prizes. Ask people to like and comment on your posts and finally choose a random winner from the comments.

Use Popular Hashtags

Hashtags are very important to use in your posts to get discovered and reach a broader audience. In simple words, it’s really hard to be seen and get likes and followers with a new account. So, it’s important to use some brain or simply best hashtag generators for Instagram to help you in finding the right, relevant and popular trending hashtags that you can use in your posts to get discovered and reach more users over there. One tool I’d like to recommend you is TaskAnt.com . This tool is so cool and can help you with finding hashtags easily. If you don’t like to use Task Ant then you can review Task Ant alternatives too.


There you go. 12 hacks to get 1000s of Instagram likes. The process is never easy, keep posting quality content and expect zero returns. Focus on providing value and likes will follow.

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