20 Must-Have Gun Accessories

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So you recently got yourself a new gun? Congratulations! But then you can’t use it yet because a few essential accessories are missing.

Before you go to the market, you need to understand those must-have gun accessories, so you don’t end up buying the wrong ones. Well, we’re here to help you with that. Below is a list of 20 cheap gun accessories you should never miss.

  1. Gun Cleaning Kit

Your pistol is going to need some cleaning once in a while. Sometimes you’ll need to clean it after a busy day in the range as you prepare it for the next busy day. As you shoot, you will get some gun powder residue building up in the crannies and nooks.

Cleaning your gun will ensure it works smoothly for the next operation. You can also use the cleaning opportunity to learn some internal mechanics of your beloved toy.

  1. Targets

Even if you’re not new with guns, you still need to practice and perfect your gun shooting skills. Buy yourself some high-visibility targets and rangefinders. Targets will help you site scopes and homing in on tight grouping.

You can start with simple targets such as paper plates on a back-board. When you get more advanced, get targets with more exciting features like those that give explosions at impact.

  1. Bug Out Bag

Every gun enthusiast understands more than anybody the importance of keeping everything together. You need all your firearm accessories in a well-organized place. You must reach whatever you need as easily as possible.

Get yourself a compact and heavy-duty bag to keep everything you need for the shooting adventure safe.

Make sure you can reach them quickly enough.

  1. Flashlight

Flashlights are other cool gun accessories to have if you’re going to work in the dark. You need some light to see your targets, and flashlights come in handy for that. Get something sleek and lightweight that will not add extra weight to your belt while on the mission.

When buying a flashlight, go for those that come with AA Lithium or AA Alkaline batteries for flexibility. You can also have a backup battery just in case the one you have runs out.

  1. Gun Bags

A gun bag will help you keep your gun safe and away from the spying eyes. You don’t need to make it obvious for everyone you meet that you’re carrying a gun. Get yourself a good quality gun bag that matches the size of the gun.

If you’re carrying pistols, a 26.5” case will do well. A 47” case will be perfect for full-sized rifles. The accessories seller can help you choose a suitable gun bag for your gun type.

  1. Handguard

You need a handguard for added protection of your hand from the heat generated by the barrel when you fire. They’re not only for protecting your hand but also gives your gun a more defined look, beautiful feel, and improved functionality.

Custom made AR 15 handguard can work well to ensure you get the best protection for your hand and a better look for your gun.

  1. Handgun Magnets

You need to install some solution in your room to help hold your precious pistols in place. You can get a gun magnet for your outside operations with good housing made and impervious to weather. Your magnet can be perfectly secured using screws made of metal, wood, or automotive adhesive.

  1. Utility Tools

You need utility tools that can handle various tasks while you’re out in the field. Get yourself Military Utility Tools (MUT) that comes with pliers and knife blades to help you out whenever you face a malfunction in the field.

Other features that your utility tools must-have include a replaceable carbon scraper, firearm disassembly punch, brush adapters, and cleaning rod.

  1. Mountain Boots

You need reliable footwear if you’re going to hunt in rough terrains. Take your time to find military quality boots that will offer adequate foot protection. They also need to give you an easy time running and doing all you have to do.

This means your boot should be of perfect quality and flexible enough to make you do your work without any problems.

  1. Hostler Gun Accessories

You need a proper fitting hostler either for home defense or carrying conceals. A hostler is all you need to ensure easy access to your weapon for an emergency. It also ensures your gun is kept safe from unauthorized use.

  1. Ammunition

Ammunition is a vital gun accessory, and you won’t use your gun without it. Unlike other accessories, this can be the hardest accessory to purchase. It’s not easy to know the correct load for your firearm unless you’re an expert.

The caliber, bullet, and grain type will determine the accuracy of the gun. Take time to find your favorite one and make sure you buy in bulk, so you don’t run out of it when you badly need to use your gun.

  1. Field Jacket

When you’re going out on a gun shooting mission during the colder months, you need to keep warm. You need a comfortable and durable jacket to protect you from the cold weather. Go for one with some pockets with snap closures so you can stick in some accessories.

Internal zipper pockets in your jacket can provide good storage for several necessities, such as your phone. Don’t forget to choose a jacket that looks good, even if it’s just for hunting.

  1. Ear Protection

Shooting a gun produces too much noise that can cause damage to your ears. The decibel level of single gunfire is equivalent to a clap of thunder. Imagine getting that kind of noise right next to your ears.

You need to stock up some earplugs and muffs, so you don’t end up with a hearing loss.

  1. Eye Protection

You also need to protect your eyes. Your eyes will get exposed to shrapnel from the ejected shells, which can be a threat to your vision. Make sure you get some eyeglasses in your range bag so you can use them always in your shooting mission. Binoculars can also work well for eye protection.

  1. Training Gun Accessories

You need to learn how to operate your gun in different scenarios. You must take your time to educate yourself on all the shooting tactics and defensive firearms. Learn everything from gun handling to targeting and become a pro with time.

To enable you to train with ease, you need training kits and training videos. Make sure you find the right training material to make everything easy and become a professional with time.

  1. Speed Loader

A speed loader is essential for the range and your carry bag. Having your speed loaders ready to go whenever you need it makes your shooting mission one of the best.

If you purchase some automatic pistol magazines, you can find a hard time loading, and a speed loader can be of help. Get yourself one from reliable manufacture and save some time loading magazines.

  1. Range Bag for Gun Accessories

Sometimes a gun bag may not be enough to carry all your gun safe accessories. A range bag can be of help in this case to hold your gun, magazines, ammo, and other accessories. If you intend to carry multiple pistols, then this is all the more reasons you need a bigger bag.

One commendable thing about range bags is that they can be compact enough to enable you to carry with ease. But also large enough to hold all your accessories. Get everything, including your pistols and other accessories like eye and ear protection, in this bag.

  1. Bipod

Your gun needs some additional support to make it steady and strong. The bipod attachment comes with extra legs to give you more stability that you need to for great shots. The stability that this accessory brings will help eradicate common human errors that interfere with gun shooting accuracy.

Ensure you get a quality and sturdy bipod that will do good work and serve you for years. Consider the renowned brands for quality and efficient bipod.

  1. Carry Extra Magazines

Don’t overlook the need for extra magazines, whether you have a gun for home protection or hunting adventure. Your gun is going to be useless out there if you suddenly run out of magazines. You can shop for extra magazines from several online dealers and always have a backup with you.

  1. A Sling

While guns can be one of the best equipment you have with you, they can be quite difficult to carry around. You need flexibility when going out with your rifle, which will depend on how you carry it.

You can get a fully adaptable sling from a brand like Tapco. The sling is solid, simple, and versatile, making it easy for you to adjust and carry your gun with ease.

Your Gun Works Well With These Accessories 

While the number of gun accessories in this list, you need all of them. Well, not all of them at once, but can collect a few essential ones with time and have a complete list without even realizing it.

If you have no idea how to choose the best accessories for your newfound gun, you can reach out to experts to help you out. Don’t forget to read other articles on this site to help you learn more about guns.

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