20th Mar: Greenhouse Academy (2020), 4 Seasons [PG] – New Episodes (6.55/10)


Date Additional: eighth September 2017
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Heritage:    08/09/2017: 1 Year (2017)   14/02/2018: 2 Seasons (2017)   25/10/2019: three Seasons (2019)   20/03/2020: 4 Seasons (2020)View Time 4 now
Description: When teen siblings Hayley and Alex enter an elite boarding university, they discover rivalry, romance and a thriller connected to the latest reduction of their mom.

Certificate: Parental Advice proposed

Yr: 2020
Length: four Seasons

Available Seasons: Year one (12 Ep), Season two (12 Ep), Year three (eight Ep), Period four (8 Ep)Audio: Arabic, English – Audio Description, English [Original], French, Polish, MandarinSubtitles: Arabic, English, French, Polish, Conventional Chinese

Cast: Ariel Mortman, Finn Roberts, Chris O’Neal, Dallas Hart, Cinthya Carmona, Grace Van Dien, Benjamin Papac, Jessica Amlee, BJ Mitchell, Aviv Buchler, Nadine Ellis, Yiftach Mizrahi, Parker Stevenson, Ishai Golan, Selina Giles, Reina Hardesty, Danika Yarosh, Dana Melanie, Amit Yagur

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