3 Harmful Effects You Should be Aware of a Blocked Drain in Your Home

blocked drains in Sydney

Sydney has an estimated 1.9 million private dwellings with an average of 3 people per household. The city is located in the southeast corner of the country, strategically bordered by the mountainous areas of the Blue Mountains and the Hawkesbury region.

Sydney is one of the best places to live in the country, close to almost everything a family needs. You can cruise by the bayside, go to pristine beaches, and find almost every service you would possibly need.

As a homeowner, one of the essential services you would require is plumbing. Unfortunately, blocked drains in Sydney is a common occurrence, particularly with old and unmaintained homes.

Why Your Drains Are Susceptible to Problems

When people clean their homes, they tend to forget places not often seen or hidden within our home structure. For example, drain problems do not become evident until you experience slow draining water, blocks, or backwater flooding your sink, toilet or bathroom.

Blocked drains will not only impact your home’s structural integrity but can also lead to severe health conditions. But, first, you must understand that drains can easily be blocked by debris, hair, small objects, and greasy food.

The gradual buildup of trapped particles leads to blocked drains and the growth of harmful bacteria and nauseous gases. The only way to prevent your pipelines from getting clogged or damaged is to get the help of a professional plumbing contractor.

Clogged Drains Can Contribute to a Lot of Health Problems

Getting blocked drains in Sydney can adversely impact your family’s health because it facilitates bacterial growth leading to allergies and diseases. In addition, blockage in your drains hinders the flow of water, which sometimes results in a backflow.

When such a problem happens, stagnant water remains, becoming the breeding ground for bacteria, mosquitoes, and various fungi. Bacteria diffuses in water and even in the air around your house. Water and air contamination result in irritations that lead to skin problems like eczema.

People with low immune functions can also suffer from asthma attacks, breathing problems, and constant coughing. It is always necessary to have your pipes inspected and a clogged drain restored. Catching the issue on time will save you and your family from all the troubles and medical emergencies.

A Blocked Drainage Emits Unpleasant Odours

Blocked drains in Sydney prevent the steady flow of water, and it often ends in accumulation in the pipeline. Over time, stagnant water results in bacterial growth and the emission of unpleasant odours. Nauseous gases are not just unpleasant, but they make your home unbearable.

When the buildup of dirt and grime hardens, bursting pipes become more severe and expensive to repair. Additionally, blocked drain pipes attract pests and insects because these creatures thrive in moist areas.

Your drains can become a breeding ground for mosquito-borne diseases. So it is not just a severe health risk to your family but also to your community. It is the reason why it is always essential to have the drains inspected for possible problems. In addition, getting a blocked drain repaired will help you avoid complications.

An easy way to avoid getting your drains blocked is to be cautious about what you drop in your sink, bathtub, toilet, and drain pipes. In fact, when an issue occurs, you need to seek professional help who can quickly and professionally restore the quality of your plumbing system.

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