3 Reasons for Using a Hands-Free Pumping Bra

Pumping Bra

Mothers have been breastfeeding their babies since the dawn of time, however, these days, many new moms aren’t comfortable with infants sucking milk directly from their breasts. This is for various reasons including the inability to multitask, which is especially true for working moms. Thankfully, hands-free pumping bras make breastfeeding a lot easier for new moms. What’s more, they offer convenience and flexibility for working moms. On that note, this article takes a critical look at three reasons for using this type of pumping bra.

1. Saves hassle and time.

Time is of the essence to working moms, considering they’re juggling between parenting and work. Besides office duties, many moms may have older children and household chores to take care of. This makes the thought of pumping milk daunting. Not only is it time-consuming, but it leaves no room to get on with other tasks. For a working mom, this isn’t ideal, but with the right hands-free pumping bra, new moms can effectively pump enough milk and still have ample time to attend to other items on their to-do lists.

2. Enables multitasking.

While bringing an infant into the world offers a lot of joy and happiness, it also comes with less sleep and more work during the day. Many new moms will give anything to get a couple of extra minutes of rest. Even then, they also have to work their way through the millions of items on their to-do lists. That’s where hands-free pumping bras come in; they allow new moms to multitask.

The process for pumping breast milk hands-free is fairly similar to using an electric breast pump. Pumping bras essentially convert conventional electric pumps into hands-free pumps. They also have small slits around the nipples that allow breast pump flanges to slip through and hold firmly in position. Additionally, the pump flange that slips through the split draws the nipple into the tunnel where the breast milk is extracted.

To ensure the process of pumping milk is done correctly, it’s important to get the right breast pump flange that fits your breasts comfortably as proper fitting is integral to successful milk pumping.

3. Ease of use.


We’ve already established that pumping breast milk can be a huge hassle for full-time moms. With a hands-free pumping bra, the process is made a lot easier for nursing mothers. Most of the bras in the market contain comprehensive instructions in the packaging to enable users to understand how the product works. In addition to providing convenience, these pumping bras are also easy to use. Many new moms don’t require people to explain the processes to them since it’s not difficult to grasp. All the user needs to do is carefully read and adhere strictly to the instructions.

Also, as a working mom, think about practicing early to get the baby used to bottle-feeding as most infants take a couple of days to get used to the change. Thankfully, breast milk can last for up to two days if it’s stored in a refrigerating unit. Similarly, you can store breast milk for a couple of months in a freezer.

All in all, hands-free pumping bras are very useful. If you’re feeling overwhelmed about the millions of things you need to get done while still having ample time for pumping, consider investing in such a bra. They’ll do all the work meant for your hands, whilst freeing them up for other essential tasks. Simply put; you can still be tied to a hands-free pumping bra and use your hands for other activities. Whatever you choose, ensure you keep the pump components clean. Finally, be sure to consult a doctor or a lactation consultant before you start using a pumping bra.

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