3 Winter Activities for the Homebody

The winter is your favourite time of the year because it gives you a valid excuse to stay home. It’s too cold outside to go anywhere, and you’re not interested in taking up outdoor sports, such as snowshoeing or cross-country skiing. The idea of exercising in sub-zero temperatures when you could be warm, hanging out at home, just doesn’t appeal to you. You’re happy to say that you’re more of a homebody than the outdoors type. You have the TV, computer, books, your favourite foods, and your pets all under one roof — what more could you possibly need? It’s safe, warm, and cozy. If you suddenly get the itch for the outdoors, you can look out the window from your comfort of your living room.

While you love spending the cold season shielded from the icy wind, perhaps you’re searching for some new activities to try — at home — this winter. A brand new year just began, so maybe you want to take this opportunity to diversify your home routine a little. Binge-watching your favourite Netflix series is an excellent way to spend the weekend, but maybe it’s time to try something new. Consider this list of engaging hobbies that will make your winter even more exciting. 

1. Design Your Own Clothes

Are you tired of wearing the same boring clothes every day? Have you ever dreamed of making t-shirts with customized prints? Well, now’s the perfect time to do precisely that! With the right online screen-printing company, you can easily design your own t shirts and other outerwear items. All you need is a custom design — either one you’ve created or a found image that you love — to put on t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, and even facial masks for yourself and all your friends. The right company will enable you to upload your preferred images to their website and then provide a free estimate. You can make personalized clothing for any occasion for everyone you know, from a birthday gift for your mom to a baseball cap for your nephew. It’s fun to do, and you’re exercising your creativity! 

2. Weekly Virtual Games Night 

You’re probably not the only one in your circle of friends staying home. While last year is finally over, many people continue to stay away from crowds and public places. Your friends and family are also hanging out at home more than ever this winter. Many people are hosting weekly game nights over Zoom or Skype. You may not get to catch up in-person with your loved ones just yet, so organizing virtual hang-outs is the next best thing. 

3. Start a Customized Instagram Account

Do you have a hobby or interest that you’d love to share with other like-minded folks? For example, are you a massive fan of architecture? To pass the time, create a custom architecture Instagram account. You could search the internet for exciting images of buildings and homes and then post them to your account. Use applicable hashtags, and over time, you’ll gain a following of other architecture-loving hobbyists! 

Take this winter downtime to try something new while you’re warm and cozy at home. By the time spring rolls around, you’ll have personalized shirts for all your loved ones, a cool new Instagram account, and be caught up with friends and family. 

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