4 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Invest in House and Land Packages in Oran Park

Oran Park is a suburb that is situated in the southwestern area of Sydney within the Macarthur Region, in the state of New South Wales. This suburb is 45 kilometres away from Sydney’s central business district. The suburb has some heritage-listed sites, which include Oran Park Drive.

Oran Park is one of the famous suburbs in New South Wales because of the Oran Park Raceway. This raceway hosted the Australian Grand Prix and the Australian Touring Car Championship for several decades. The raceway was replaced by a housing development program that leads to the exceptional house and land packages in Oran Park.

If you are in the market and you are searching for real estate investments, here are some compelling reasons you should invest in Oran Park:

Charming and Convenient Region

The Oran Park suburb, with its community of only 5,000 inhabitants, is widely considered as one of the most charming regions in Sydney’s southwestern area. It also offers great convenience because it is a planned community with accessible shopping centres, well-engineered streets, wide sidewalks, and abundant parkland.

Because of these factors, the Oran Park suburb attracts a great number of potential homeowners. It is a wise financial decision to invest in Oran Park real estate since it is located in a great neighbourhood. Also, the Oran Park suburb will undoubtedly see significant growth shortly because of all the housing developments rising in this area.

Great Upside Potential and Return of Investments

According to an article, real estate investments create vast wealth for investors because it is a tangible asset that greatly appreciates over time; leading to high values. This means the return of investments is well worth it, especially for real estate that has great upside potential. However, the returns that you will get greatly depends on the location.

Oran Park is one of the up and coming suburbs in Sydney because of the multitude of development that is occurring. This means Oran Park has massive upside potential since it is not developed to the fullest. Investing early in house and land packages in Oran Park is an advantage because you will receive more capital gains when your investments appreciate.

Easily Accessible and Near Major Centres

The Oran Park suburb offers a wide variety of amenities because it is a well-planned community. Residents will enjoy spacious paths for long walks, bicycle rides, and commutes because of the suburb’s easy accessibility.

Individuals can also gain access to several playgrounds, athletic fields, and hectares of open and usable space. The suburb also has a few major centres that include supermarkets, workspaces, and medical clinics. The majority of amenities that a person needs are provided for by this suburb, which is why it is a great location for real estate investments

Earn Another Source of Income

According to reports, more and more Sydneysiders are choosing Oran Park for housing rentals because of its proximity to business districts and major centres. You can take advantage of this housing demand by investing in a house and land package and renting it out to employees or business owners that need housing in Oran Park.

By this way, you can earn another source of income from rental fees. The advantage of this is that you get better cash flow and income from rental revenue.


From the reasons mentioned above, Oran Park is undoubtedly the best location for a real estate investment, especially for house and land packages. You won’t regret investing in this suburb because you will be one of the pioneer real estate investors of a developing community.

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