4 Reasons to Buy Your Domain on Namecheap

4 Reasons to Buy Your Domain on Namecheap

Do you need a domain for your upcoming website? Well, why don’t you check with Namecheap?

Wait! I hope you have heard of Namecheap. Started off in 2000, Namecheap offers domains at the best prices. If you get stuck during domain registration, you can right away take the help of their excellent customer service.

We reviewed Namecheap and let’s find out what we got.

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1. Steps Provided on Namecheap to Buy Domains

What Namecheap has done, they have provided a step by step guide to making your experience smooth. Register new domain names using top-level domains. For your convenience, we are mentioning the steps in brief.

To buy domains create an account on Namecheap by Signing up. Can you see the Domains tab on the top of the page? Hover your mouse on it and a menu list will appear. Select the Marketplace option from here. Add a domain of your choice to their shopping cart. Finally, confirm your order and check out.

Be it .com domains or domains like .net, .us, and others, you will find thousands of registered domains on sale in their marketplace.

2. Bulk Domain Searches Available on Namecheap

Do you want to keep your unique brand identity separate from your competitors in the market? You need to register multiple domains for that.

Get the fastest search results using Namecheap’s Beast Mode search tool. You can find up to 5000 keywords and buy multiple domains with a single go. That’s huge, isn’t it?

Use themed filters to search your niche-driven authentic domain names. Say, for a photography site, you can pick from .studio, .pictures, .photography, and alike domains. Again for a technology site, you can choose any one of .io, .online, .ai, and other such domains.

3. Namecheap is the Cheapest Place to Buy & Renewal of Domains

If we talk about the pricing, well, they vary highly from .com to .club domain.

A standard traditional TLD costs around $6 to $15. Whereas to purchase the latest TLDs such as .site and .club you might need to pay between $10 and $15.

Here is a suggestion. Do some research on the pricing. Get a clear view on whether you want to go with a popular TLD like .com at an affordable price or you want to choose a domain that is relevant to your brand.

Namecheap also offers a renewal of active domains and reactivation of expired domains. You will pay the same fee for each renewal and reactivation. Domain renewal prices are given on your account. Find it out there. Make a timely renewal to avoid redemption fees of around $200.

4. Namecheap or GoDaddy?

If you compare these two cheap domain services Namecheap will be a clear winner. Here is why.

Namecheap’s hosting solutions are less expensive compared to that of GoDaddy. But, those are more stable than GoDaddy.

Do you have any plans of building your very first WordPress site? You can get the hosting at just $4 only. Not only that, but Namecheap’s high-level hosting services are also paired with powerful hardware.

Your Privacy is Namecheap’s Priority. And, this makes their customers rely on them even more.

Final Words

Namecheap has a 100% uptime guarantee, ready-to-help customer care, and an amazing range of features.

The bottom line is, even if you are a beginner or a less tech-savvy person, you can easily buy your domain and hosting consisting of amazing features at affordable prices. It will be a win-win deal.


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