4 Tips on Maintaining an Old Toyota RAV4

Know the key to ensuring that your Toyota RAV4 maintains its safety and high performance over a long time? Taking good care of it as if it is your baby! It doesn’t really matter if you drive your RAV4 a little or drive it a lot—keeping up to date with its maintenance schedules ensures that your car is in peak driving shape all the time. If your RAV4 has been with you for a long time, the method of maintaining it may be slightly different from how you would maintain a new one. Here are 4 maintenance tips to keep your old Toyota RAV4 safe and reliable for many years to come:

Oil change

To keep your Toyota RAV4 running smoothly for a long time, make sure to change its synthetic oil every year. If you drive your SUV often, it would be best to change oil every 16,000 kilometers, or about 10,000 miles. Don’t wait for the oil of your vehicle to go dark and for your oil filter to get faulty before changing the oil, unless you are ready for major engine issues and costly repairs down the line.

Tire check

Are you driving your Toyota RAV4 without checking the pressure of your tires? Your tires are among the most visible parts of your SUV—but let’s face it: You don’t pay as much attention to them as your engine. But did you know that you put your safety on the line each time you drive without knowing if your tires are in the right psi? One of the ways to maintain your Toyota RAV4 is by making sure your tires are in good condition. Remember, the Toyota RAV4 is a compact SUV, so most likely you are using it to move big luggage. Carrying heavy loads has a serious effect on the shock absorbers and wheels of your SUV, and you may not be aware of these effects until the issues are already right in front of you!

Propeller shaft bolt fix

If you’re a car enthusiast, you know how bad the propeller shaft bolts of old 4-wheel drives can get. That’s why it’s crucial that you retorque yours so it will not affect the acceleration of your Toyota RAV4. Before you take your vehicle out somewhere, check for bolts and make sure that they are not loose or are about to fall off. You must also inspect the areas linking the steering to the wheels and the drive shaft boots to ensure that everything is intact before you hit the road.

Routine car maintenance

No matter how old your RAV4 is, it will never be too old for a routine car maintenance. Especially if you aren’t very knowledgeable in car maintenance, leaving these tasks in the hands of Toyota’s factory-trained technicians will make everything much easier for you. And not only that—you also have the assurance that the job is done right! Keeping up to date with your SUV’s maintenance schedule will ensure that your car receives regular oil changes, visual inspections, fluid checks, keeping it in excellent running condition all the time.

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