4 Types of Motorcycle Boots For Women for a Safe Biking 

Watching a woman riding a bike is such a treat to the eyes. Gone are the days when only men would participate in this adventure. These days, women are actively participating in different kinds of biking experiences, including dirt biking.

Considering the popularity of biking among female riders, many brands and manufacturers have started selling women’s motocross gear such as goggles, knee and elbow pads, helmets, boots, etc. Today, motorcycle boots are available in different types and at varied prices. While the price of these boots might dictate the materials that a boot is made from and subsequently how comfortable it is, it does not necessarily suggest how protective a pair of boots will be.

To simplify the choice of boots for protection and other features, we have made a list. Read this before buying your next set of motorcycle boots.

Street Boots

Street boots make the best casual motorcycle boots choice for women. You can choose from a wide variety of styles and materials. They are comfortable and stylish. They are also a good option even when you do not go biking.

Street boots are a perfect combination of comfort and protection. When you explore this category in the market, you will also come across some waterproof options.

Sport Track Boots

Sport Track Boots have been designed using a lot of technology. They are the most advanced option of boots available if you want to ride on the street and a race track. The best thing about sport track boots is that they offer maximized protection, better than street boots.

Sport track boots are made using full torsional bracing, yet the technology makes way for flexibility. They also have good tactile feedback when you are working the controls. Even when your boots wear out, it is possible to replace their damaged parts with new ones.

Touring Boots

These boots focus on female riders who spend long days in the saddle. Like regular street boots, touring boots also blend comfort with protection. They are a great option to wear for an off-roading session with your fellow bikers.

Another remarkable thing about touring boots is that they offer weather protection in waterproofing mesh and perforation. Thus, you can choose how you want to combat whatever you might need to tackle while biking. The brands and manufacturers sell them in both mid and full height.

Dirt Bike Boots

As the name suggests, dirt bike boots are dedicated to dirt biking. They make the best buying choice if you regularly engage yourself in dirt biking. These boots offer maximum protection over everything else. Thus, they make the first choice for many women bikers.

There are many reasons why you should choose dirt bike boots. For example, they are available in full-height options to offer extreme protection to your feet. They are made using strong and sturdy material. The features such as waterproof style, perforated design, quick-release buckles, full-leather uppers, and shin plates make them superior in construction. Some dirt bike boots also include high grip rubber outside soles with steel inner plates.

Dirt bike boots offer maximum protection from injuries. Rest assured, you will never hurt your ankles wearing them.

How to Choose the Perfect Biking Boots?

To choose the motorcycle boots for safe biking, you must buy the right size in the first place. Check all its features and specifications. Ensure buying from a credible brand that promises durability, strength, and affordability.


When it comes to biking, you ought to make the right choice while choosing your shoes. We hope the above-listed guide assists you in selecting the right kind of boots for a hassle-free riding experience. 

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