5 Benefits of Using Martial Arts Software

As a martial arts training school, your desired focus is on teaching students and imparting knowledge.  Martial Arts Software provides several benefits to the running and organisation of your school that can allow you to do just that while still growing members, tracking your pupils progress and maintaining perfect record keeping and cashflow. Administration tasks that get in the way of  your prime function, such as client contact and marketing, sales, accounts payable and receivable, and pupil progress are all incorporated into the applications of a good martial arts software package.

1. Less admin, more training

Using a martial arts software package will reduce the hours you spend on administrative tasks straight away.  With an automated system that incorporates every aspect of the school in one package, money is saved on having to pay for licences for several packages, as well as on operating and administration. This allows you to invest more in martial arts experts, rather than administration experts.  

2. Improve your bottom line 

Collecting and receiving payment from your clients can operate at more of a distance between the trainer and the members.  Your Martial Arts Software will keep track of all payments, allow multiple payment schemes and permit your customers to interact independently with the payment system for most transactions.  Purchases of equipment, uniforms and fees will be streamlined, accurate and paid directly into your account, even if you run schools in more than one location. 

3. Increase member agency 

A martial arts software system allows members to access class timetables and book themselves into the classes that suit their own schedule.  They can use the direct portal to update information, and be notified about events, cancellations, or venue changes. If you run multiple schools, members will be able to join in classes across venues by accessing the one software programme. 

4. Keep track of student progress 

Provide a better service for your clients with direct access to member’s progress, belt levels, attendance record and other information.  Analytics of all data, automatically  generates reports that can help you improve client experiences and keep up to date with their skill performance. Orders can be generated for certificates and belt colours, so you can progress your students in a timely manner. 

5. Effortless marketing 

Automated and integrated marketing is a prime function of any martial arts software.  Promote your business online, and use tools that can convert leads into new members.  The system also allows online store management and POS which allows improved sales of merchandise, events and fundraising.  

Marital Arts Software is designed to transform the organisation and running of your martial arts school into an effortless undertaking.  With multiple options to suit your school, you can streamline the functionality and administrative section of the organisation, giving you more face to face time with your clients.  With the opportunity to increase and improve client engagement, your martial arts school is only going to benefit. 

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