5 best Ai voices that you can use right now

Ai is taking the whole world by a storm. The ai technology is going to do a lot of work in the upcoming future. But for today, ai has done some unique works in our daily life. Most of the companies are focusing on ai power instead of machine power. Technology companies are making intelligent ai that can do much more work in a small amount of time. Ai voice is one of the best creations of science. It is so close to perfect that AI voice over has become a real thing. There are many ai based voice you can find on the internet. But here are the best of ai based voice that you can try right now.


Murf.ai is one of the most popular websites for voice over. Most of the ai based voice has no option for voice-over or edit function. But Murf.ai has both edit and voice-over function. You can choose over different styles of voice over to fully use the best of Murf.ai. Also, there is no need to wait as all things happen in the cloud. You can check them out if you need the best ai voice over service.

Google assistant

We all know about google. It’s the tech giant company with the biggest search engine, but Google is also the founder of android. Google assistant is the voice assistant of the android platform. In the ai, skill google assistant is still the champ. No other company has achieved so many things in one program as google. It is the best example of an AI-based voice. If you have an android device, you can try google assistant now by just saying “ok google.”


Apple is a big billion company. Apple has the most widespread ecosystem out there. So you can expect they also have their own ai assistant to do the job more efficiently. Siri is the name of the ai assistant the apple use on their iPhone. In terms of ai based work, Siri is only some tasks behind from google assistant. Siri is only available in Apple devices like iPhones, ipads, MacBooks, Macs, and other devices releases by apple. Apple uses machine learning and ai to do all the tasks. Siri is mainly a female voice, but you can change the voice if you want. Siri can make a lot of kinds of stuff like making phone calls,


Anyone have any basic idea of ai and didn’t hear the name Cortana that is impossible. Cortana is in the ai market for a long time, and the ai based assistant I have mentioned before Cortana might be the oldest of them. Cortana, the AI-powered assistant, was in a windows phone. The windows phones didn’t go very well, but the Cortana is still there. In the windows machine, Cortana is the main assistant, and it can do lots of stuff like google and Siri. Cortana is also available for android, ios. There are also some accessories like HypersX, Cloud X, and many other headsets supporting Cortana. So Cortana is one of the ai examples in the planet.


Amazon has made Alexa. When amazon sees the opportunity of ai voice assistant, then they decided to use their assistant. Guess what Alexa is one of the most popular assistants that you can find. This assistant was first introduced with the smart speaker from amazon named amazon echo and amazon dot. Now Amazon Alexa is available in several popular platforms. But the ai was specially build for smart speakers. It can do a lot of kinds of stuff like the other assistants.

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