5 Business Degrees Worth Considering in 2021

Technology continues to penetrate every aspect of business everywhere, improving it as a whole from the inside. Everything from core manufacturing to personalised customer support, and all things in between are now heavily reliant on cutting edge technology. While it is true that biz tech has brought about performance improvements to such a degree that the resulting benefits are immeasurable at this point, there is no denying the complexity of it all either.

Whether someone is an entrepreneur, an executive or the owner of a small business, ignoring roles played by the latest tech in their respective fields of work is no longer practical. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance for them to complete a modernised and up-to-date business management course. The programme should teach and train them to be more in sync with new developments in biz tech, and it should also equip them with the necessary skills to succeed in today’s highly technical world of business. With that objective in mind, the following five degree courses have been selected as some of the best options in business management for pursuing this year.

MSc in Business Management Degree Distance Learning

An online or distance learning MSc in Business Management can be completed safely from your own home, irrespective of where you may be located. However, since there is no shortage of useless management programmes out there on the internet, always make sure that the course you choose has been accredited and acknowledged by the proper accreditation boards. For example, if you join a Business Management Degree Distance Learning course with triple accreditation from AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS, the certification will be held in high regard by employers across the globe, and not just in the UK.

Graduation level business management courses should teach and train students about thr basic and advanced concepts of:

  • Problem solving
  • Presentation skills and techniques
  • Critical and business analysis
  • Business IT
  • Leadership skills

Once a specialisation has been chosen, additional curriculums will focus more on the subjects related to that specialty.

Management Degree in Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Those wishing to become a business logistics manager or a supply chain manager will have to complete an MBA or MSc in Supply Chain Management and Logistics. Although there are jobs in the field for undergraduate degree holders as well, it would be difficult to get appointed as a manager if you do not have a Master’s degree in management. The average salary in logistics management is not very high, but an excellent employment rate makes supply chain management a fine sector to consider getting a degree in. Assuming the role of a supply chain manager may include duties such as:

  • Expense management and budget creation
  • Creating invoices
  • Making and receiving payments on the company’s behalf
  • Ensuring compliance with directives set forth by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
  • Shipping, packing and transportation management
  • Finding the best possible route for the company trucks
  • Tracking cargo, inventory and the overall performance of the supply chain that is under their management
  • Internal cargo (export and import) management, if applicable
  • Records management
  • Inventory control, workflow management and distribution centre management 
  • Client relationship management

Marketing Management

Marketing is a vast field of work, and one that is potentially unlimited in its applicability across all sectors of business. The mediums, the target crowds, requirements, effectiveness, content, materials, etc., will differ vastly in respect to the campaign in discussion, but there isn’t any segment in this digital age that cannot benefit from marketing. Consequently, if you are a business management degree holder in marketing, rest assured that your professional progress from a marketing agent to a senior marketing manager will be much smoother.

Just for getting a job in this field, it isn’t necessary to hold an MBA or a MSc degree in Marketing. However, landing a managerial post in marketing does require an appropriately accredited business graduation certificate, as well as relevant field experience. Marketing managers are usually expected to handle the following responsibilities:

  • Estimating and creating a budget plan for each of the projects under them
  • Budget management, post approval of their estimated budgets
  • Creating and directing the creation of marketing content and marketing strategies across all offline and online channels
  • Maintaining coordination among the various channels of marketing used in the campaign
  • Unifying all content and channels of marketing by underlining the core statements and gaols of the campaign overall
  • Building and maintaining relationships with employees, customers, clients, vendors and the media
  • Analysing the ROI from past and present marketing strategies, so that future strategies can be further refined to become more effective
  • Analysis of customer feedback to further augment and improve future campaign plans

Labour Relations Management

A labour relations manager is someone who is in charge of building and/or improving relationship in between the corporate and the employees. It’s most certainly not an easy job by any means, and only a handful of people can take on responsibilities which come with trying to maintain peace between the management and the employees.

Graduation degrees are not essential to hold the position of a labour relations or employee relations manager, but just as it is with degrees concerning other fields of business management, it simply makes you a better suited candidate for managerial posts surrounding labour relations. However, this is a job where successful records and experience are preferred factors above all else. Nevertheless, higher education will become the key factor, while recruiters are trying to choose between two similarly experienced labour managers.

MBA in Entrepreneurship

This course is well suited for someone who either already has a business of his/her own, or is considering an entrepreneurial venture soon. The Master’s degree course in Business Administration (MBA) trains already experienced professionals towards becoming future business leaders. If you are already a business leader, it will simply teach you to be a better one by sharpening your own natural leadership trait, while also supplementing them with knowledge where it is lacking.

Some of the courses mentioned here may still have traditional names, but rest assured that programmes designed in-line with the latest innovations in business technology are going to be significantly more relevant today than outdated programmes that may share the same name, but not the value they hold.

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