5 Cosmetic Medspa Services that Will Make You Look and Feel Your Very Best

A medical spa, also known as a medspa, is a facility that offers medical-grade non-surgical aesthetic procedures and spa treatments in a relaxing and comfortable environment. A different sort of pampering, cosmetic medspa services often include procedures that improve appearances, such as dermal fillers and Botox.

Let’s look at the 5 most popular cosmetic medspa services in Chicago that you can avail of on your next visit to The Michael Horn’s Center for Cosmetic Surgery.

5 Best Cosmetic Medspa Services for Medspa Chicago

1.   Dermal Fillers

Dermal or cosmetic fillers are a popular medspa treatment designed especially for people who wish to plump their thin lips and enhance the shallow contours of the face. Dermal fillers are a non-surgical and minimally invasive procedure. These fillers are injected into the softening creases on the face to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and scars. A popularly-used dermal filler in medspa Chicago is Restylane®. It boosts the volume of the skin and gives a soO and smooth look by reducing the appearance of scars and wrinkles.

1.   BBLLaser

BroadBand Light Laser Treatment is the world’s most potent IPL treatment. It is used to treat a variety of skin conditions such as sun damage and aging. The intense, pulsed light from the laser is administered ontothepatient’sskin.Thischangesthemolecularstructureofskincellsintheouterlayerandpromotes collagen production. If you want to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve acne scars,permanentlyremoveunwantedhairorgetridofpigmentation,BBLLasertreatmentisforyou.


2.   Emsculpt BodyContouring

Emsculpt body contouring is a cosmetic medspa service that builds muscle tone and burns fat employing a fast, non-invasive and comfortable treatment procedure. It is a highly-advanced and safe treatment that can help you achieve all your body goals. Emsculpt body contouring has the power to create shapes and sculpt curves wherever you desire. You can get excellent results with this treatment in as little as 4 30-minute long sessions.


3.   Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a popular cosmetic medspa treatment. It involves using a laser light that beams directly into the hair follicles and kills the root of the hair without injuring the surrounding areas of the skin. Most patients see their desired results in 6 treatments or sometimes even lesser. You might feel a slight tingling or mild discomfort during the process, but typically, it is pretty gentle. You can even resume your daily activities right after the treatment. For laser hair removal in Chicago, you should visit none other than the renowned and premier cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Michael Horn.


4.   Skinpen®Microneedling

Skinpen® Microneedling is a simple aesthetic skin procedure administered to eliminate wrinkles, acne scars, and burn scars. Before the treatment, a numbing cream is applied to numb the skin. During the process, a skinpen, which is a unique spring-loaded device with a thin tip, is used to generate stamp-like motionsoverthesurfaceoftheskin.Thepenusesmicroneedlesthatcanbecustomizedaccordingtothe patient’s requirements. This process protects the skin barrier and activates collagen production. For 24 hours after this treatment, you should not expose yourself to the sun, use collagen-stimulating peptides, apply active skin products or usemakeup.


Get in Touch with Dr. Michael Horn for the Best Medspa Chicago Services

With cosmetic medspa services, you can get the skin and body you have always dreamed of, according to

your needs and desires. Our expert doctors and nurses at The Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery will customize each medspa service for you to give you the best results. For a consultation, call us today at (312) 202-9000 or email us at info@michaelhorncenter.com for more information about our medspa Chicago services.

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