5 Easy Ways to Avoid Chronic ‘Construction Site Injuries’ Headache

5 Easy Ways to Avoid Chronic ‘Construction Site Injuries’ Headache

For decades in the construction industry, the safety of workers has been a consistent challenge. Cases of falls from heights that could cause fatal disasters, and even death have been on the rise in the recent past. With the increase in population around the world, the rates of constructions have significantly increased. This, unfortunately, has also seen the rate of injuries and accidents arise. Construction sites expose people to great danger. It is, therefore, important to be on the lookout. Here are five ways to easily ensure safety when at sites of construction.

No induction, No work.

Most sites have different procedures. You need to ensure you do not take up any responsibility at the site without an induction. This will not only ensure construction site safety for you but other people at the site too. A tour and clear instructions on what duties to deliver are essential. Induction should therefore be treated as the key to working a particular site. Working without one is like breaking into the site. It is dangerous.

My signs My Safety

Most construction sites, if not all, have different signs and safety protocols. If the construction site you are working at does not have those, perhaps you should stop and worry about your safety. Following and adhering to signs and sticking to the procedure is key to an injury-free tenure at any construction site. Remember, construction site safety should be accorded the first priority.

The responsibility pill

Working at construction sites requires great responsibility. If you have problems taking responsibility anywhere else, you need the ‘responsibility pills’ to help you get responsible every time you are at the site. Actions such as careless moving of equipment or using the wrong equipment for duties is the danger that has brought about many accidents at construction sites. Being keen alert and using equipment the right way will help you forget about construction site injuries and help you meet construction site safety standards 

Report any problems and ask when not sure

75% of construction site accidents and tragedies are avoidable. Study shows that in most cases, the ‘little’ things people ignore cause fatal problems eventually. It is essential to report any unusual or incorrect thing since it could be the trigger to disaster. It is also necessary to ask about things you are not sure of as slight mistakes in any sites are always deadly. It is therefore advised that you ask for help when not sure. 

The PPE golden rule

Wearing protective gear appropriate for every site is a minimum. Want to be totally assured of your construction site safety? The PPE helps prevent the lion’s share of accidents. Cases of workers being ignorant of such basic things as wearing Hi-Viz vests lead to unnecessary injuries and even deaths. Others have been run over by machinery when workers do not see the other colleagues when they lack the vests. Boots and gloves accompanied by a head hat help you avoid injuries.

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