5 must-have characteristics that comprise successful inpatient opioid treatment programs


If you are addicted to opiates or opioids, it is time to get the help that you need and deserve. Not only can these drugs ruin your life, but the constant addiction to a substance can cause you to lose your job, friends, and your family. Avoid choosing drugs over everything else positive in your life by attending an inpatient opioid treatment program to help you get your life back on track. Although you might think that you can just quit the drug cold turkey and do the recovery on your own, it can help to have professionals around you to help you detox, talk about your addiction, and figure out any mental health concerns as to why you are addicted to drugs.

But how can you choose the best program out of the various opioid treatment programs in your local area? How do you know which one is the best for you and which one might not have the necessary resources to help you get sober? Here are a few must-have characteristics that you should look for in all opioid treatment programs where you are on your journey to get sober and lead a healthy life.

Positive reputation

The first must-have characteristic to look for in all opioid treatment programs is a good reputation online and in person. If you ask around professionals and others in the industry about the best facilities in your local area – and a few people mention the same location – then this is a good sign. Once you find a facility that has been recommended by doctors and nurses, you can do an online search to see if the online reviews match what they are saying. You want to choose somewhere that has a positive reputation in the industry and with past patients.

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Educated staff

The second must-have characteristic that all opioid treatment programs need to be successful and credible is an educated and respectable staff. If you go to a rehab center and find the staff are not sure what they are doing, and they are rude to patients, this will make it much less likely for you to stay sober. You need staff who are educated in their field, respectable to the patients, and can really help you during your tough times.

Personalized program

The third must-have characteristic for all opioid treatment programs is to have the ability of personalized programs. If you find a facility that offers a one size fits all approach, go somewhere else – this is typically a scam and gimmick that is untrue. You need to find a place that offers personalized programs based on the person’s individual needs and addiction history.

Group counseling

When you’re looking for the best opioid treatment programs in your local area, you can narrow down the extensive list of choices by finding a location that offers group therapy. You need to attend group therapy with your peers so you can make relationships with others, learn about their struggles, and follow the guidance in your own journey. 

Individual counseling

The last aspect that all opioid treatment programs must have to be successful is individual counseling. You need to speak privately with a counselor or licensed therapist who can help dive deeper into the issue of your addiction and why you are using it in the first place.


If you are debating what centre you should attend while you’re browsing opioid treatment programs, make sure you find a location that has reputable staff, a positive reputation in the industry, and other amenities that will help you recover and stay sober.

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