5 New York Travel Tips to Know Before Your Vacation

New York is a magical place that’s world-famous for its electric atmosphere and eclectic mix of residents.

It’s a melting pot of cultures, a cacophony of sounds, and somewhere that’s high on the list of dream destinations for many travelers. Because of its fast-paced and unique nature, it can be an overwhelming place for first-time visitors to experience.

That said, a little planning goes a long way. Below, you’ll find five New York travel tips to help ensure you get the most out of your trip.

1. Proper Preparation Is Key

When visiting New York, one of the best ways to save time, money, and ensure you see and do everything you want to, is through proper planning. Research the neighborhood you’re staying in to identify useful things like bodegas, ATMs, or pharmacies.

Map out all of the areas you want to visit, and how best you can get there. Research which museums have free entry on which days, and plan your sightseeing around this.

If you plan properly, you might even have time to explore outside the city. If you do, a great suggested itinerary can be found here.

2. Use Taxis as a Last Resort

You’ve probably heard that traffic in New York is a nightmare. This is no exaggeration. Taking taxis or Ubers can end up not only costing you lots of money but much of your precious time, as well.

Instead, use a mix of walking for shorter distances and the subway for trips between neighborhoods. You’ll get to see more overall and have a much more authentic view of the city. That said, taking taxis at night can be a good idea if you’re alone or it’s particularly late.

3. Know When You’re Going

New York can be beautiful at any time, but there are advantages and disadvantages to each time of year.

For example, New York is beautiful during the holidays and winter months, but it can also be particularly expensive at these times. In the summer, you’ll see the most sun, and the city comes alive. However, it can be overbearingly humid, especially if you’re not used to the climate.

Just make sure to research the climate and conditions for whatever time of year you’re going so you can pack and plan accordingly.

4. Download Helpful Apps

When traveling, technology is your friend. There are a number of useful apps you can download to help get the most out of your New York vacation.

To get you where you’re going: Exit Strategy NYC. To see the city on two wheels: Citi Bike. For enhanced art appreciation: The Metropolitan Museum of Art app.

5. Make Reservations in Advance

New York is famous the world over for its vibrant and multicultural food scene. There are eateries to suit every taste, all budgets, and you’ll probably find yourself wanting to eat out every night. If this is the case, take this piece of advice: make reservations well in advance, or be prepared to wait for a table.

New York has over 8 million residents, and you better believe they take full advantage of all the fantastic restaurants found on their doorsteps. Add in roughly 60 million tourists that visit New York each year, and you can see why making a reservation is probably a smart idea.

Final New York Travel Tips

Above all, one of the most important New York travel tips to remember is to have fun. This amazing city has so much to offer, and you’ll want to soak up every amazing drop.

If you’ve found this guide helpful, check out the rest of our travel content.

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