5 Reasons to Buy Magnetic Charger Cables

Magnetic Charger Cables
Magnetic Charger Cables

A charger is an essential accessory for every smartphone user. A smartphone with a flat battery (no charge) is useless. The charger cable is as important as the charger itself. 

A wrong cable can slow down charging speeds. Magnetic charging cables are the newest products on the market. It is something that every smartphone user should have. If you still doubt, we give you reasons to buy magnetic charger cables. 


  • Durability


We often see charging cables don’t last for long. In most cases, if the cable breaks, you may order a new one online. Some cables do last for a few months, but that is not a great thing. With magnetic charging cables, there is no risk of cord breaking. The magnetic piece in the charger and the cable prevents any tension, which causes the charging cable to break. 

The tension in the cable generally builds up due to twisting, yanking, or pulling while charging the devices. In a magnetic charger, the charging cable will detach if too much tension is applied. 

The charging cable is made of military-grade material, which makes it anti-break. These cables have PBV braiding and strain relief collars to prevent the cable from breaking. With magnetic cables, you will save yourself from purchasing new charging cables now and then. 


  • Fast Charging 


Most smartphone manufacturers have developed proprietary fast charging technology. This technology allows you to charge the phone from 0 to 50% in a few minutes. However, you need a fast charger to take advantage of the fast charging feature on your phone. 

You may buy a fast charger from the market, but if the charging cable does not support fast charging, the charger is of no use. The magnetic charging cable supports fast charging, and it can work well with your fast charger. 


  • One Cable for All Devices 


Most magnetic cables are compatible with almost any mobile device. You can use the magnetic charging cable to charge your Android smartphone, iPhone, or phones with USB-C port. 

With a magnetic charging cable, you don’t have to worry about swapping chargers to charge different devices. The magnetic charging cable comes with a variety of attachment pieces for cordless headphones, Bluetooth speakers, your game system controller, and many more devices. 


  • Ease of Use 


No other charging cable is as flexible as the magnetic cable. It is super flexible and easy to use. You don’t have to struggle while inserting the cable in the phone’s charging port. The magnets are quite powerful and get attached easily without fidgeting. 


  • Data Transfer Between Phone and Laptop


A magnetic charger cable doubles up as a data transfer cable. It means you can do more work with fewer cables. You can connect your phone to the laptop using the cable and transfer data. There are several ways to sync data on your iPhone or smartphone, but a direct data transfer is always better. 

Traditional charging cables have become things of the past. Magnetic charging cables offer several benefits over regular charging cables. They are also easy to store, and you can use their magnetic properties to stick it to the bed frame, living room table, or work desk.

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