5 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy a Fake Watch

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People spend almost $80 billion on watches and jewelry in the US every year. Clearly, we’re all magpies in disguise! We can’t get enough of the sparkling beauty that comes from these luxury goods.

Alas, the demand for watches, in particular, has given rise to a thriving counterfeit market around the country too. Want to find out why these replicas can never compare to the real deal though? Keep reading to discover 5 reasons you should never buy a fake watch.

1. It’s Not Allowed!

First and foremost, fake watches are illegal. A knockoff watch might look, operate, and function like the real thing. But it’s not!

They’ve hijacked the brands, ideas, patents, and trademarks of bonafide companies. The result? You’re not allowed to buy, sell, or wear them.

2. Fines and Confiscations Follow

All counterfeit goods are taken seriously by the authorities. If you get caught buying or wearing a replica watch (and there’s a high chance that you will), then you can expect to face significant penalties. The goods could be seized and you may have to pay high fines as well.

That’s why it’s so important to know the difference between fake watches and the real deal. Do some research and learn some tips to learn how to spot a fake watch when you see it. Fail, and you could get into trouble without even meaning to.

3. Honest Buyers Suffer

The counterfeit market operates like any other: it’s fuelled by demand. In other words, as more people try to buy replica watches, more con artists strive to sell them. And that’s bad news if you’re an honest buyer who wants a legitimate luxury watch.

After all, unscrupulous sellers never admit their goods are fake, making it more likely that an unwitting individual will buy them. Choose to purchase a counterfeit, then, and you make it harder for people to get their hands on an original.

4. They’re Not as Good

It doesn’t matter how good the counterfeit is. Fake watches will never match up to actual luxury ones in terms of aesthetics or function. Their materials, build-quality, and internal mechanisms are all sub-standard.

Oh, and don’t forget that they’re made by con artists too. That’s hardly a reputable source! You could pay large sums of money for a fake luxury watch that stops working within weeks or months.

5. It’s a Question of Integrity

As much as anything else, buying a fake watch turns you into a pretender. You walk around with a fake product on your wrist and pass it off as the genuine article. It calls your integrity into question!

Sure, they might look pretty and create an image of wealth. Deep down, though, you’ll know it’s all a mirage. If it’s the social status that you’re looking for, then only the real deal will do.

Never Buy a Fake Watch

Fake watches are almost as popular as actual ones these days. It makes sense. After all, luxury goods come with a luxury price tag! Yet counterfeit products promise the best of both worlds: social status on a budget.

With any luck, though, the information in this article has showcased why buying a fake watch really isn’t worth it. Keep these ideas in mind and you’ll save yourself a world of trouble. Would you like to read more articles like this one?

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