5 Resolution Ideas for the New Year

This year has come to an end and that means it’s time to get ready to start the new year on the right foot. Of course, we can make positive changes and form healthy habits at any time, but there is nothing like the fresh start of a new year to give some incentive. With all things considered from this difficult past year worldwide, now is the perfect time to prepare ourselves to commit to making more positive choices and to help keep motivated through healthy habits.

Making a new year’s resolution is a tradition most have come to know and likely give a try. However, coming up with a new year’s resolution that you’ll want to see through can be tricky. Instead of dwelling on what you should or could do, these 5 resolution ideas are definitely worth giving a try!

1. Find A New Hobby

The perfect way to start the new year with focus calls for a fresh new hobby. During current times keeping us mostly indoors, these are some great hobby ideas that you can from the comfort of home:

Draw, sketch or try an adult coloring book
Crossword or Sudoku puzzles – order books or find free puzzles online
Jigsaw or 3D puzzles
Knitting and crocheting – check out Yarnspirations Pattern Collection for ideas to try

Doing something engaging that will have a positive impact on your mental well-being is a resolution that will certainly be worth seeing through.

2. Exercise and Stick with It

Start the year with determination! Exercise doesn’t have to be something to dread or overdo to the point it becomes unenjoyable. Instead of making extreme exercise goals, make a resolution to keep it simple but stick with it. For instance, try exercise resolutions like:

Walk for 30 minutes every day
Stretch every morning and every evening
Follow an online yoga class once a week

It’s important to remember that motion is lotion for the body! The more we get up and move on a regular basis, the better we’ll feel and more encouraged we’ll be to keep going.

3. Cook Instead of Ordering Food

In addition to saving money, there are tons of benefits from cooking food that make it the perfect new year’s resolution. Step away from the takeout and put on your apron to start the new year with:

Control over the ingredients you use for meals
More balanced and mindful eating habits
Cooking to help relax and relieve stress
Feel self-sufficient and organized

4. Limit Screen Time

Probably the most important resolution we can make for ourselves is to limit our screen time. Whether it’s a phone, computer or television there needs to be some time during every day to just unplug. Give your eyes a break and enjoy screen free time to do something good for yourself, like laying down flat to do some deep breathing for 10-15 minutes to help relax.

5. Practice Daily Gratitude

Start the year with positive self-awareness and practice daily gratitude. A great way to help you to truly see and appreciate what you have is to journal 3 good things each day.

Now go get ready to start the new year with a healthy resolution!

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