5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Solar Panels for Your Home

Solar Panels

Over the years, it has become clear that solar panels aren’t just a trend. For homeowners and business owners, solar panels make the building more energy-efficient. As a result, it reduces the amount we pay for energy and allows us to do our bit for the environment. Eventually, solar panels pay for themselves thanks to the accumulated reduction in energy bills.


Before investing in solar panel installation in Sydney, consider these five things you should keep in mind before you do!


Roof Material, Layout, and Condition

Firstly, be aware that solar panels have a long life (some homeowners keep their systems for three decades). Therefore, installing onto a damaged roof would cause all sorts of problems. If your roof needs replacing, we recommend doing this before installing the solar panels. Otherwise, you’ll need to take the panels off again to repair the roof (and you’ll be out of pocket!).


As well as the overall condition, you should also think about the layout of the roof. Fortunately, solar panels have advanced to allow for installment on all roof shapes and sizes. This being said, you still need unobstructed space for the system to work. We recommend working with an experienced company like AYKA Technologies to discuss a potential project.


Lastly, what material is your roof? If you have concrete, Spanish, or ceramic tile roofs, be aware that the provider may charge a fee. Why? Because installation typically requires more work and care.


Panel Types and Options

In the past, there was one type of solar panel, and either your property could fit them, or it couldn’t. As mentioned, the industry has moved forward over the years. Now, even those with insufficient roof space can install ground-mounted panels. Since they require more materials and labor, these projects are more expensive.


Elsewhere, it might be that you want a tracker on your panels. If you haven’t seen these before, it means that the panels will follow the sun. During the day, they pick up more sunlight and more energy. As you can imagine, these panels come at a higher cost.



Across Australia, the value of solar panels changes because it takes shorter/longer for the investment to pay the cost back. Back in 2018, it was revealed that Adelaide was the best location for solar panels since the average payback period was 6.8 years. After this, Perth offered 7.4 years while Sydney sat at just over 8 years. Luckily, we’re blessed in most of Australia because the sun is prominent for a significant portion of the calendar year. Even if you live in a cloudy city, there are still solutions because you can install more panels to compensate.


Financing Methods

There’s more good news for those researching solar panels for the first time in many years because the average price has reduced significantly. Many years ago, one of the biggest problems with solar panels was the cost. Now, not only are they cheaper, but you can also get help from the SRES (Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme). As a small business or homeowner, you get help towards the cost from this scheme for solar, hydro, wind, and some hot water systems.


Manufacturer and Provider

Of course, the final consideration is the manufacturer and provider. When doing research, it’s best to get recommendations from friends and family, look at reviews online, speak with different companies, and assess the different prices. Also, ask what after-care services they provide just in case something goes wrong. By doing this, you get the best service both now and for the future.

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