5 Things to Expect From a Chemical Wholesaler

A quality chemical wholesaler is essential for companies that work in pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and agriculture, to name a few. The market itself is sizable with around 12,500 companies active today and generating annual revenue right around $200 billion.

That is a large well to draw from, so you will want to be sure the wholesaler you align yourself with will serve your best interests. Here are five things you should expect from them.

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  1. Quality Product 

A chemical wholesale distributor worth your business will only sell quality regardless of the price. Having the best pricing available is secondary compared to the job they do formulating, mixing, and handling.

Buying from companies that specialize in your particular industry is wise unless they have the facilities and divisions to maintain the product’s integrity. In other words, be mindful of the possibility of cross-contamination as you select a company.

  1. Good Customer Service

A chemical supplier may specialize in the product creation and distribution processes, but that should never come at the expense of customer service. Taking steps like warning you of products that are no longer available, helping you find suitable replacements, and ensuring speedy delivery are the backbone of customer service in the chemical supplies industry.

They must be committed to it for all their customers. Ask around to see what experiences others have had with them before signing any deals.

  1. Competitive Pricing and Payment Terms

The best chemical supplier may not have the best price, but they should be in the ballpark with their competitors. Pricing terms and payment options also are important, serving as an extension of the customer service requirement.

Make sure the terms are set from the beginning with something that works for your company’s cash flow. Establishing those expectations will prevent any later misunderstandings.

  1. Product Knowledge 

A business chemical supplier should be focused on product knowledge just as much as they are on delivering chemicals and collecting your checks. As we have mentioned above, they should be able to see ahead to forecast when certain chemicals will be in short supply. They also need to take part in research and development to ensure they’re giving you the best product for what you’re trying to accomplish.

  1. Secure Delivery

Companies like Umbrella Chemical (https://www.umbrellachemical.us) recommend that you do business with distributors that employ chemists. This helps not only for product sourcing but product handling to ensure that your order arrives safely.

Delivery standards will vary depending on the type of chemical, volume, and geographical delivery point. You should expect your chemical wholesaler to give you a clear idea of what to expect before the first shipment arrives. They should also notify you of possible delays.

Finding the Right Chemical Wholesaler Will Save Time and Money

The homework you put into ordering from a chemical wholesaler will pay off in efficiency and savings, provided you’re looking for the qualities we’ve discussed. Best of luck!

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