5 Tips for Selecting Printable Fabric for Your Business Communications

When it comes to attracting customers, first impressions not only count, but they can make or break a sale. From billboards to posters, pricing guides to interior decor, you want every element of your business to shine. One way to make your space look professional is to utilise the wall space to your advantage. 

Paint and posters aren’t your only decorating options. Fabric wall coverings make your space unique and have numerous advantages over paint or traditional wallpaper. Take your logo, mission statement, graphics, or other digital media to fabric suppliers Australia to see how you can use print media to make your business communications memorable.

There are a number of options for fabric wall coverings depending on your needs. If you need to decorate your business for the long haul, there are some different considerations than if you need a centrepiece for a trade show, sale, or event. Here are five tips to help you select the best type of fabric for your needs.

1. Adhesive

Consider your interior space. How much wall space do you have to cover? Do you have a tendency to redecorate regularly? Is this a more temporary need that will serve a specific purpose for a short time over the course of several years? The answers to these questions will help you to determine whether you need a fabric wall covering that adheres with commercially available wallpaper glue or something self-adhesive. For the purpose of covering large wall spaces with a pattern or a mural that won’t need to be taken down soon, fabric that uses wallpaper glue will serve you well. Fabrics with a non-woven polyester backing can still be removed easily when it does come time to redecorate. If you need something for a seasonal display or trade show exhibit, a self-adhesive fabric covering will be better because it is simple to remove, store, and reuse regularly.

2. Purpose

Where will you be placing your wall covering and what is its purpose? For a logo that will hang in one location for a long time, a sturdy fabric that retains colour density will be perfect. In an environment where you hope to draw the eye of your clients to a particular display or provide a stylish backdrop for a particular point of interest, a wall covering with a reflective finish will give just the right amount of drama without being overpowering. With fabric, you can print any type of media that you need to promote your business. It will look tidy and professional which is essential to drawing in potential customers.

3. Breathability

In a permanent space, it’s important to choose materials that will protect your building as well as serve your business purposes. With traditional wallpaper, a damp environment or a leak could mean that you need to strip off all of the wallpaper to prevent mould and mildew from growing. A fabric wall covering is much more breathable and resists mould growth to help keep your business healthy and safe. Similarly, for an event sign that might be exposed to the elements, fabric will dry more easily and last longer.

4. Eco-Friendliness

In addition to keeping your work environment safe, certain types of fabric wall coverings are specifically designed with the environment in mind. Terralon is a type of fabric that contains just over thirty per cent of post-consumer recycled content. It is as versatile as its synthetic counterparts for printing and does not require any special treatment. 

Nolar is made of wood pulp and natural fibre technology that is especially effective at combatting mould and mildew in high humidity environments. Nolar is recyclable and can be returned to the manufacturer to find new life as a new wall covering or other industrial product. 

5. Durability

For permanent installations, durability is essential. In order to justify spending money on decor, you want to know that the choices you make are going to last a while. Fabric wall coverings are commercial grade and fire-resistant. For a repositionable option for an annual sale event, you want something that will last more than one season and not get ruined sitting in storage. For a long-term installation, you want to ensure that it looks as good years down the road as it does the day you install it. 

Fabric wall coverings are a unique solution to interior decorating that allow you the freedom of digital printing to make your space your own. 

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