5 Top places to visit in Varna

5 Top places to visit in Varna

Besides being the third-largest city in Bulgaria, Varna is also one of the most spectacular places to visit. From landmarks and pristine beaches to tasty cuisine and thriving nightlife, this seaside city has it all. It is packed with plenty of fun activities both for kids, adults, and families. Additionally, Varna is strategically located in the Gulf of Varna and enjoys great weather. If you are planning to visit this great city, then you are making the right decision. In this post, we will tell you great things to do in Varna.

  1. Visit the archeological museum

Varna is known for being the home to the oldest recorded gold treasure. Gold and other precious items were extracted from the Varna necropolis about 6500 years ago. The gold of Varna is undisputedly the oldest gold treasure in the world. If you love archeology, then this is a must-visit place in Varna. Varna has a rich Roman heritage that has given it many precious artifacts.

  1. Visit the Sea Garden

Another must-visit place in Varna is the sea garden. This spot is ideal for romantic and family excursions. The Sea Garden is regarded as a national monument and runs from the seafront into the city’s central business district. It is a great place to relax and bond with friends, family, or spouses while enjoying the fresh air and cool breeze from the sea. There are also various family-friendly attractions in the Sea Garden, including the Dophinariuam and zoo.

  1. Visit the Pedestrianized Center

If you want to learn more about Bulgaria’s culture and history, you need to visit the Pedestrianized Center. This will give you a visual idea of this city’s culture and history and also what it stands for. Some of the great sites you will see while strolling on the Pedestrianized Center include the Kozirkata (the most enduring grandstand-like building symbol in the city), Opera and Theater house that hosts classic and modern-day singers, many incredible century-old buildings, the central entrance of the sea garden, festival, and congress center and much more. There are plenty of fun things to do and see for both adults and children in the Pedestrianized Center.

  1. Visit Varna’s pristine beaches

Your visit to this coastal city cannot be complete without touring Varna’s pristine beaches. Varna is known for its long beautiful beaches covered with fine golden sand. The quickest way to get to the city’s beaches is via the Sea Garden. Besides enjoying the cool sea breeze and fine coarse sand, there are plenty of other fun things to do on the beach, including swimming, boat riding, snorkeling, and much more. There are also countless restaurants and entertainment joints around the beaches that operate 24/7.

  1. Explore Varna’s cuisine

Varna is known for it its tasty cuisines. If you love exploring new foods, Varna will not let you down. From native Bulgarian grilled vegetables, and tasty red meat to hearty stews, seasoned salads, seafood, and grilled chickens, you will be spoiled with options when it comes to Varna cuisines. Most restaurants in Varna serve fresh food from locally sourced ingredients. There are also international cuisines for those who are not comfortable with local foods. Prices of food in Varna restaurants are cheaper compared to other major cities like Barcelona, Rome, and London.


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