6 Hotel Safety Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore

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Going on vacation is fun and a moment of relaxation. However, it comes with a call for responsibility. Security is the top priority for everyone, whether traveling alone or in a group. Safe and better accommodation is a primary concern as you will want to sleep peacefully and know your luggage is safe when you are out.

Do not rely entirely on hotel management. You must also be careful and keen, and below are some hotel safety tips for you.

1. Do a Proper Research

Avoid last-minute hotel reservations at all costs. You wouldn’t just wake up and decide to go on vacation. You will take time to choose a travel destination, save and plan for the trip. And so, you shouldn’t think making reservations later is a less serious task.

Do your research on different hotels in Put-in-Bay (or any other preferred travel destination) early and select one with good customer feedback and reviews. Moreover, find out if your hotel’s area is safe and that it is not a hotspot for criminals.

2. See your Luggage as your Responsibility

Trust no one. Ensure your property is close to you. When you are checking in at the customer service desk, watch your luggage and don’t assume the hotel staff will do the job. You don’t know the next person in the line might be a thief.

3. Inspect your Room before Unpacking

It’s common to feel tired and exhausted after a long journey and want to take a nap immediately you enter your hotel room. But you need to do the necessary before you relax. Inspect every corner of your room, from the windows to the toilets and cameras. Also, check the door looks.

4. Confirm who is Knocking Before you open

Do not unlock your doors to anyone who comes knocking. If it’s a strange voice or someone knocks at odd hours, do not open the door. Always confirm with the reception before you open your door if there isn’t anyone you were expecting.

5. Have an Emergency Light

Your hotel should be able to provide an emergency light. In case there isn’t one in your room, ask for it. Alternatively, you can buy your own as it is not costly. Having the light within your reach will help you if there is a power outage or something else comes up. Remember, even when there is electricity, the power switch may not be within reach from your bed, and that’s why you need an emergency light.

6. Avoid the Ground Floor

When booking a hotel room, avoid the ground floor, although upper floors require you to use an elevator, and when the elevator is not working, you would have to utilize the stairs. Upper floors are safer as they are not easily broken into and are not vulnerable to various emergencies.


You wouldn’t want to get hurt or lose your items on vacation, and because of that, you have to take responsibility for your safety. The safety tips mentioned above are some of the tips that will help you have a safe vacation.

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