6 Key Reasons to Choose Smart-Space as Your Temporary Building Supplier

Smart-Space is among the leading service providers in the UK when it comes to temporary commercial and industrial buildings. This is a competitive niche with multiple players, and choosing the right firm is always challenging. While most people have their doubts before entering into a contract with various companies, here are six key reasons to choose Smart-Space.

Positive Customer Reviews

If you want to work with the best temporary building company, you want to hear from their real customers. One of the ways to do so is through reading customer reviews and testimonials. As you browse through the internet looking for such a building firm, you want to pay close attention to past customers’ experiences with the company. If most of them seem to be ecstatic with the services offered by a particular company, it means that you are on the right track.

Looking at the players in the temporary structures sector, Smart Space is the only company that is honest to show the feedback customers give and the testimonials attributable to identifiable customers. Let’s look at customer feedback for the players in this sector:

  •       HTS TentiQ – Although they have some companies that they claim to work for on their home page and have some testimonials from the supposed clients, some testimonials are not accredited to any individuals in the company giving them. This raises suspicion in the genuineness of the testimonials
  •       Fews Temporary Buildings – This temporary building company has no customer reviews or testimonials on the company website.
  •       WS Temporary Buildings – This company also has no customer reviews or feedback on the website.
  •       Smart Space – This company displays customer feedback reviews on its homepage. It is worth noting that 100% of the customers would recommend the company to others thanks to its professionalism, services, ability to handle customer needs, and even how the employees handle customers.

As you can see, only Smart Space publishes real customer reviews of their services and buildings. This sets them apart from all other suppliers in this space. This gives you every reason why you should choose it to supply you with temporary buildings.


The temporary industrial and commercial building industry is growing exponentially. Many firms supply these kinds of structures. While some have been in this business for just a few years, Smart-space has accrued immense experience. Having been incorporated in 1987, this company has been operational for over two decades. They have done hundreds of projects and refined their service delivery. When you decide to work with Smart-Space, you can relax and rest assured that they will erect high quality and long-lasting buildings.


When looking for a firm that deals with temporary industrial and commercial buildings, you have to consider all its credentials. First off, ensure that the firm is licensed by the right organization and it adheres to all the regulations. The good news is that Smart-Space complies with CDM Regulations as Health and Safety Regulations. This ensures that all of its employees work in a safe environment.


What kind of temporary building or expansion are you interested in? This is the first question you need to answer before you start looking for the best service provider. The best firms are versatile, and they have the knowledge and resources to take on multiple and different projects. Smart-Space is a versatile company. Over the years, they have handled a myriad of projects. Be it expansion or construction of a new office complex, you can count on them to do an incredible job.


While most temporary buildings firms will listen to your needs and execute according to your specifications, Smart-space is solution-oriented. They listen to your needs and problems keenly and offer various suggestions and alternatives. Their ultimate goal is to help you meet your objectives in the best way possible. Regardless of your needs, Smart-Space will not dismiss your ideas.

Timely service delivery

Chances are that you have companies that promise to deliver in several weeks and then end up delaying a project for months. This is not the experience you will have with Smart-Space. If they promise to complete the expansion in three weeks, they will be on time.

Temporary commercial and industrial buildings are somewhat complicated. Whenever you need one, it is best to work with experts. The staff at Smart-Space has sharpened their skills over the years. They could help you realize your dreams without any qualms.

Additionally, the positive customer feedback and testimonials from Smart-Space clients prove that the company is reliable and meets all customer’s needs satisfactorily. Smart-Space is also the only player in the temporary structure niche that publishes customer reviews and testimonials that are entirely attributable to identifiable individuals and businesses. This indicates the genuineness of the feedback and further confirms why you should choose them as your supplier. 

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