6 Rules to Empower Bridesmaids and Your Wedding

Brides are not the only women that need some help on their wedding day.

Even bridesmaids dread going to weddings, especially if the subject is their outfit. Former and future bridesmaids know exactly the feeling of anxiety in figuring out what to wear.

It was easier when bridesmaids had more rigid rules on what to wear. Now, it seems that bridesmaids can have more input in choosing their bridal party dresses.

Should you dress fancy? What if it is fancier than the bride’s dress? What if this is too revealing?

These are just some questions that bridesmaids face months before the wedding.

Here are powerful rules or tips for brides out there to help your bridesmaids be princesses to your majesty. And for bridesmaids, try suggesting this to your brides too.


  1. Embrace Your Individuality

Try letting them dare to be different and let them exude their unique style. Gone are the days that bridesmaids have to wear matching uniforms just to be regarded as decoys.

After all, these girls became your bridesmaids because you love them for who they are. So why not let them express that on the best day of your life?


  1. Shine Like Stars

Then again, it is okay if you can’t stand if there’s not even just a little hint of uniformity among your bridesmaids’ dresses. You can set some guidelines that will be perfect for your bridal look.

One way to make your girls glamorous is to let them shine. Allow them to add some sparkle in their bridal party dresses with sequins, beads, and studs. It adds more structure and texture to your wedding without being too flashy.

This way, you do not need them to wear fancy jewellery. Just make sure to keep their dresses simpler and a little more demure.


  1. Embrace the Lace

Who says lace has gone AWOL for bridesmaids?

Lace is indeed material more fitting for the bride, but it can also add a little romance to the bride’s girls.

Red or black lace can make your wedding a little steamier. Blue ones may also bring a little more formality to the party.

A very important note is to never allow them to wear white lace. Get your bridesmaids to wear subtle shades if your wedding is traditionally formal and bold tones if your wedding is outdoors.


  1. Go to Any Lengths

You do not have to be uniform with your hemline heights. After all, your girls do not have the same height, so let them choose what works best for their bodies.

You can coordinate in advance so that you can have a pattern of dress lengths, making your ceremony a little more fun. You can even assign a longer number to your maid of honour and get short dresses for your other bridesmaids.


  1. Got Silk?

No, you do not want your bridesmaids to bring pillows and sheets at your wedding, but silk will rock your ceremony. Silk bridal party dresses bring a more elegant and certainly more romantic feel to your wedding.

It will not feel like a slumber party if your bridesmaids’ dresses are flattering and perfectly sexy for the occasion.


  1. Worn for a Lifetime

No matter which rules you set for your bridesmaids, always make sure that the dresses they wear can last for a lifetime. Gone should be the notion that bridal party dresses are for one occasion only!

You should be able to wear these dresses again to be reminded of the great wedding you had. You can even borrow your girls’ dresses. After all, you spent so much money on them with the party, food, venue, and everything. You deserve to at least swipe their dresses.

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