6 Ways to Get Rid of Water Bugs in Your Swimming Pool

Today I’m going to show you how you can get rid of waterbugs in your pool. For this, I’ve taken the advice of professionals for a water bug removal service.

To eliminate these bugs, you must make sure your swimming pool heaters are working properly and it has been updated on a regular basis.

What are water bugs? 

Water bugs are a type of aquatic insect that can be found in lakes and rivers. They have a different way of moving on the water, which makes them difficult to see from the surface.

Water bug is one of the many species in the worldwide insect family of water beetles. There are over 5,000 known species of water bugs that can be found in lakes, streams, ponds, and rivers. The adults grow to about 1/2-inch-long and are mostly black with yellow markings on their wings and legs. Their larvae have a slimy body covered with bristles and feed on algae or plants around them.

There are two common types of water bugs that you’ll probably find in your pool:

  • Water boatmen: Water Boatmen are a type of aquatic insect that breeds in aquatic environments. The adults lay eggs on the water’s surface and the larvae hatch from the eggs to become fully grown. When fully grown, they have a long, thin body with a head shaped like an arrowhead. They have three sets of wings which they use for swimming and flying.
  • Back swimmers: A backswimmer is a small, red insect that can be found in fresh water. The back swimmer’s long proboscis will latch on to your skin and inject a digestive enzyme into your flesh, causing intense pain. This painful bite will release some of the swimmer’s stomach contents into your body, which it needs to survive.

How to get rid of water bugs in 6 steps

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  1. Skim the pool to get rid of water bugs 

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  1. Brush the pool to get rid of water bugs 

This section is about how to get rid of water bugs or also known as water mites. This section talks about the different methods you can use to remove this creepy crawlies. This includes using a vacuum cleaner, using soap and water, using a broom, etc.

  1. Vacuum the pool to get rid of water bugs

With the introduction of new technologies, homeowners are now able to keep their pools looking sparkling clean.

Most people assume that they need to manually pump their pool every day in order to keep the water clean. This is not true as long as you use vacuum pumps to vacuum your pool.

An interesting aspect of these vacuum pumps is that they are able to suck up debris and dirt from deep into the water, leaving it crystal clear.

  1. Shock the pool to get rid of water bugs

This article discusses how to use a shock pool to kill water bugs. It also talks about the different ways in which you can do this.

Shock pool is a bug control method that uses an electric current, usually from a capacitor bank, to generate a short-term pulse that creates an ionized gas current in the pool or pond. This current neutralizes or destroys aquatic insects by activating their nervous systems and causing membrane damage, cardiac arrest, or death.

  1. Balance pool chemistry to get rid of water bugs

This article discusses ways to remove water bugs from pool surfaces. Water bugs are pesky creatures that do not just inhabit swimming pools but can also infest other areas of home and garden, including flower pots and outdoor fountains.

In this article, we will discuss how it is possible to get rid of water bugs from a pool surface. One way would be by adding a chemical called Chlorine gas which is effective for killing water bugs.

Another way would be by adding Iron sulfate which is a powerful oxidizing agent that kills the water bug’s cells by oxidizing their insides and dehydrating them, eventually causing them to die off on their own accord. 

  1. Vacuum the pool again to get rid of water bugs

Vacuuming is not a popular activity for pool owners because it’s neither fun nor particularly effective. There are some ways to alleviate the problem, such as using a pool skimmer, but it’s still not a perfect solution.

So, what does one do when they get water bugs in their pool? The best thing to do is vacuum the pool again and get rid of all of the bugs. If you can’t vacuum your own pool, you can always call on professional pool service companies like Ultraviolet Pools.

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