7 Advantages Of Glass Fireplace Doors

Glass has been used as a building material for more than a few centuries. Even before the advent of modern technology, when it was just a brittle material with aesthetically amplified shallow applications, there were quite a few formations for it. Now, with so much innovation in building techniques and new ways to make things last longer, glass has become one of the main building materials to be used in the industry.

It is no longer just relegated to small windows but encompasses the entire range of use, from full-face treatment to the newest glass blocks and glass bricks. It is an efficient material for many purposes, but in this article, we will discuss the advantages of enjoying all the relevant benefits of using glass fireplace doors.

1. Aesthetics

From staining, frosting, and carving, the beauty and visual aesthetics of glass are endless. Tempered glass comes with fewer options, but it certainly makes for a gorgeous outlook. When it comes to fireplace doors, you can go for a grand baroque or a modern contemporary. Both come with their own set of charms, but a glass fireplace door achieves a certain elegant charm that is both elegant and austere without interfering with the actual pragmatic functionality of the fireplace itself. With a glass fireplace door, you can have an uninterrupted view of the roaring fire inside the electric fireplace and the psychological satisfaction of watching embers smolder on a cold night.

2. Security

Do you have children in your house? Well, if you do, then it must be a constant hassle to keep your young children away from fire during those winter months. The magnificent beauty of the fireplace is seeing the fire licking up high within the confines of your fireplace. With a glass fireplace door, you can enjoy that view and add a safety factor to the mix. Tempered glass can withstand a fire hotter to more than a few degrees than any normal glass, and it would act as the perfect shield between the fire and a clumsy or curious little child.

3. Downdrafts

Drafting down is one of the most common downsides to having a fireplace. When the wind is howling and raging outside, it tends to charge up the chimney and blow on a whole layer of sleeping embers, ash, and dust. Now you can avoid that fate by installing a fireplace door. This way, you would not need to worry about that gust of downward wind wrecking industrial-sized havoc in your front room

4. Efficient heating: the effect of the glasshouse

The statistics represent themselves when it involves relegating appropriate portions of warmth to any enclosed lebensraum via a hearth. It is a well-known fact that almost eighty percent of the heat that is emitted through a chimney rises and is withdrawn through the chimney. Only twenty percent remain in the space that is supposed to be heated. With a glass fireplace door, you could have a more efficient heating system. Have you heard of the glasshouse effect? It is where the sun’s heat is trapped inside a glass house and radiates accordingly. A similar application could be made through a glass fireplace door. The heat from the fire would be trapped inside the doors and radiated around the room twice, so it would have twice the thermal energy to keep warm.

5. Reduced heating costs

Chimney dampers aren’t an efficient product when it involves trapping heat inside your home. It is common knowledge that most of the heat trapped within an enclosed space would travel to higher altitudes to allow cooler air to settle since cold air is heavier in chemistry. Similarly, the hot air would come out of the chimney and the damper would act as a flimsy barrier. The glass door of the fireplace would act as a good insulator in this case; Not only would it trap heat indoors, but it wouldn’t let colder air into your home either.

6. Smoke barrier

If you have one of those old fireplaces that emit smoke when the fire burns then the glass fireplace door is a must-have for you. Not only would it keep the smoke at bay, but it would also provide an aesthetic that would otherwise be compromised. Even in modern fireplaces, a strong downdraft can send a plume of smoke into your living space, and the fireplace’s glass door would act as an effective barrier against it.

7. Visibility

Keeping the element of transparency between you and a roaring fire in the dead of winter is a psychological need that must be fulfilled. With a glass fireplace door, you can have the satisfaction of actually seeing the fire, just with a transparent barrier that provides all the trimmings of a well-done plan.

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