7 Masculine Interior Design Ideas

If you’re interested in achieving a rugged, bold, or masculine home interior design, you can. Styles conducive to a stout design already exist such as contemporary, rustic, and industrial. The trick is to combine your preferences with one style to produce a satisfying final product.

Personality plays a role in decorating a home. Plus, you need to figure out your budget. A rustic and country style is often picked by those who enjoy spending time outdoors. Those who prefer clean and sleek lines opt for minimalism. 

Updating your home’s decor requires a time and monetary investment. If you invest in high-end furniture, you’re acquiring quality pieces that last several years. Thus, if you’re happy with the update, you won’t need another right away.

The following are seven masculine interior design ideas to start your home redesign or upgrade.

1. Lean on Neutral Colors

Bright and pastel colors correlate with female design. Therefore, to create a masculine interior, lean on dark colors such as black, greys, browns, reds, and navy. For contrast, use gold and light browns. 

You’ll find that creating a theme from these colors is fairly simple. The furnishings and furniture to complete the look are commonly available in these color schemes, namely black, brown, and grey.

These remain common colors because demand keeps them there. For example, black shows less wear and tear. If food or liquids are accidentally spilled on an upholstered black sofa, chair, or rug, it’s less visible. You receive extra time to clean it up before someone notices.

Even though a masculine theme seems monochromatic on paper, in reality, it’s beautiful in a manly manner. The theme is also organized. Someone who is constantly on the go has no time to fuss. Thus, it’s a great relationship.

2. Opt for Wood

A masculine interior design consists of wood elements. High-end furniture is unique and handcrafted. Before the Industrial Revolution introduced mass production to the United States, artisans produced furniture from available materials, such as wood and steel.

Sturdy furnishings were common in homes across the country, regardless of income.

In 2021, it’s still possible to find handcrafted wood-based furniture. Designer stores focused on upscale furniture carry them. 

One idea for a masculine house interior is wooden stools to complement a wood table next to a bar in the living area.

3. Pick Steel

Steel remains a masculine material, and it’s easy to find it for interior decorating. For example, even though artisans produce bar stools from wood, their frame is often steel.

Sofas, chairs, tables, and beds often consist of steel frames too. It’s also possible to acquire art made from steel. 

This material exudes masculinity. An idea for your bedroom is to acquire a bed with a simple yet sturdy frame. Decorate with neutral colors for your bedding, headboard, and floor. 

Hardwood floors in a bedroom benefit from a luxury rug. For those winter nights, you need something to absorb the cold. An upscale Moroccan rug fits the bill. Lawrence of La Brea offers a guide for Moroccan rugs here for more information.

4. Integrate Geometry

Sleek and clean lines define masculinity in design. Thus, integrate geometric shapes into the design plan. 

The masculine living room benefits from square and rectangle coffee tables. Opt for boxy armless chairs in neutral colors to complement the tables.

Rectangular dining room tables with steel frames and wooden tops are readily available for your dining area. Complete the set with matching dining room chairs.

5. Add Texture

All decorating plans require balancing several elements. Since this style consists of rigid components, add texture for balance. Minimalist and modern design fit a masculine home blueprint.

Your bed’s comforter, sofa’s pillows, and rugs for the flooring count as texture. Even though they’re minimal, they add balance to an otherwise flat interior. 

6. Get Artsy

All homes require at least one piece of art. How you define art is your prerogative. Steel art works well for the masculine home. It matches the steel frames and color scheme.

Consider displaying a valuable work of art you acquired too. Framing a picture special to you in a steel frame is another option.

7. Set the Lighting

No home interior is complete until the lighting is set. The lights supplement a masculine design scheme. They balance the monochromatism and darkness of the colors. 

By using golden tones, you complement the interior. Overhead lights, lamps, and natural light from the sun create a welcoming environment.

The masculine interior design places a focus on straight lines, hard materials, and woven textures. Lighting brings the blueprint to life and serves a practical purpose.


Accomplishing a masculine interior design requires organization. The elements of the style are readily available. After designing a plan, acquire the furniture, furnishings, and accessories to bring it to life. Whether you pick a rugged or sleek style, you’ll enjoy living in your home after putting its design together. 


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