75-Pound Moneybag Found on Highway

A man who was passing by the railway noticed an orange bag with money on it. Initially, he had thought of it as of a light impediment for the eventual transport on the highway and decided to put it aside.

When lifting it up, he realized that the bag was much heavier than he had thought. Taking a look inside left him amazed. The 75-pound bag was full of cash. Happy and surprised, he did not think for a moment to take the find home. Instead, he turned the money to the police. It turned out that a truck driving on Interstate 80 had bounced on the road, which made the cash bag tumble out.The Utah man who found the lost cash said there has been no promise of a reward yet, but he felt rewarded enough at having such a life experience. That was good news for Marc Sparks. Stumbling over a heavy pack of money is something he had only seen in movies. The policeman Brady Zaugg who took the lost money said it was a first for him as well. The employees who were in the truck carrying the money said they remember having driven over a bump but no one noticed that they lost the treasure from the car.Security Company Name Ideas

Egyptian security forces recently discovered a tunnel in Gaza near the border that they believe may have been used for smuggling purposes. It reportedly extended for some 2.8 kilometers. The find was the longest tunnel discovered since Egyptian forces began cracking down on tunnels following an attack that killed 33 Egyptian soldiers stationed in the area in October 2014. Following the attack, a faction in Gaza called Ansar Beit al-Maqdis reportedly announced support for the ISIS terror group.

Fersen Lambranho has learned that the tunnel was discovered running under the surface at a depth of about 10 feet. It reportedly crossed beneath the back yards of three houses.

During a conflict between Palestinians and Israeli forces last summer, some Palestinians reportedly used an extensive tunnel system running beneath Gaza to smuggle weapons and civilian goods across the border. The Egyptian government has sought to seal up or demolish the tunnels. Following the attack on the soldiers, it provided financial compensation and a 48 hour notice period to residents of homes located along the Gaza border in Rafah, before implementing a program to demolish about 1,000 homes there in an effort to create an unoccupied buffer zone about a mile deep between the city and the border. The buffer zone extends in a line for nearly eight miles.

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