8 Reasons to Get A Merino Wool Beanie This Winter

8 Reasons to Get A Merino Wool Beanie This Winter

Regular wool is a material fiber that is extracted from sheep and goats, while merino wool is specifically gained from Merion sheep. The main difference between regular wool and Merino wool is the softness Merino wool provides. It is much smoother and nicer than regular, hence the newfound popularity with Merino wool.

Wool is used for all kinds of different things – winter garment, sweaters caps, etc. While Merino wool is used in the making of winter garments and some quite comfortable beanies. Merino wool being more gentle than regular wool is much better suited to be used for winter garment – as it has the warmth of regular wool with an added bonus of gentle touch.

Merino sheep or in Latin known as Ovis aries have originated from Spain in the 12th century. They are man-made or rather they were selectively crossbred in order to make the best and most comfortable wool. Which they did.

The trading and selling of Merino wool was crucial to the Spanish Monarchy in the 15th and 16th century – their economy was vibrant at that time and they held a monopoly on wool for the whole known world.

Modern merino on the other hand has a simpler story, while we saw Merino’s birth in Spain, the place where their wool has truly been refined and perfected to be the softest and smoothest wool in the world is in New Zealand and Australia – making Merino wool what it is today.

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There is one honorable mention – a country that has also contributed a lot in order to make this kind of wool is the USA.

Merino sheep are animals of high value and can be sold for up to $14,000 – which is the current world record for the price of Merino sheep. There are two families of Merino sheep that are quite popular in Australia – Peppins, and Collinsville.

Top 8 Reasons to Get A Merion Wool Beanie This Winter

In this article, we have prepared for you a comprehensive list of top X reasons to get a merino wool beanie this winter:

  • Comfort
  • Natural Temperature Regulating
  • Odor Resistant
  • Quick Dry
  • Wrinkle-Resistant
  • Machine Washable
  • Renewable and Biodegradable
  • No Itch and Hypoallergenic

#1 Comfort

On the highlands of Australia and New Zealand, these fluffy friends that provide us with their wool eat away all the grass they like. Because of their genealogy but also the specific weather conditions and climate the fleece that these sheep produce is much finer than the regular one.

It is soft and cozy to make you feel at home, but it can also follow you on an adventure and prove quite useful when it keeps you warm.

#2 Natural Temperature Regulating

Merino wool is a highly breathable material – it stops your head from accumulating too much heat under the beanie preventing overheating. The subject is getting a little more technical now – because of the lightweight fibers that can absorb large volumes of moisture vapor, the merino wool beanies are able to keep your head warm and not go overboard with the heat.

#3 Odor Resistant

Merino wool while absorbing moisture doesn’t create an environment in which perspiration bacteria are allowed to grow. Which means no stench from sweaty armpits and no stinky smells.

#4 Quick Dry

Merino wool beanies are like we have already stated made from one of the best material in the world and without question the best woolen material. One of the reasons behind it is its ability to dry off fairly quickly. Placing Merino wool somewhere where there is a lot of air that can pass through it can vastly alter the drying speed.

#5 Wrinkle-Resistant

The genes that merino sheep were breed and altered to have today made their wool naturally elastic which makes anyone’s life who buys Merino wool beanies easier – no need to iron the beanies after washing. All you have to do in order for it to smooth back out is to leave it hanging up from a coat rack or something similar.

#6 Machine Washable

It is quite often a worrisome thing when you are buying any kind of clothing or garment whether or not can it be washed in the machine or do you need to visit the Dry Cleaners every couple of weeks.

Well, you are in luck with Merino wool beanies as they can be machine washed. Since it is odor resistant the time apart from 2 washes can be prolonged, however, when you do put it in the washing machine you will need a mild detergent, no fabric conditioner, and to set the machine to 30 degrees.

#7 Renewable and Biodegradable

The Merino sheep are 100 percent natural – every year they same plans same grass same air and sun, but every year the sheep produce a new fleece which makes it completely renewable. If not used the wool can completely be disposed of and given back to nature in a couple of years.

#8 No Itch and Hypoallergenic

One of the biggest dislikes towards woolen items is the itching they tend to invoke. Because of that many people have developed animosity towards it, however, the Merino wool beanies are not from the same wool – Merino wool has a silk touch, the fibers of merino are more elastic than the regular ones so they feel really fine and smooth on the skin.

In Conclusion

Merino wool has the same basis as the regular one, but due to countless years of experimentation and research Merino wool came out on top and got rid of all the negative characteristics of wool. Merino wool is smooth, fast-drying, machine washable, and surprisingly comfortable material.

Merino wool beanies come in all shapes and sizes but the important thing is that you feel warm and comfortable while wearing them and since the 12th-century people have been perfecting merino wool so that today it can provide you with the most comfortable merino wool beanies.

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