8 Reasons why Node.js is perfect for Business App Development

What technology you choose for your website or app development certainly depends on factors like business goals, priorities, specific business domains, and markets. The server side (back end) is an essential component here, and while choosing technology for the back end, Node.js stands out as an ideal option.

Introduction to Node.js

It is an open-source and cross-platform JavaScript that helps in building robust and scalable backend services seamlessly. Node.js development services are ideal for web operations like video streaming, chatting, gaming, audio stream, social media, browsing, shopping, collaboration tools, time tracking, and much more. It offers a one stop platform that addresses all these problems and helps in smooth running of applications. Node.js environment also has a unique I/O model that makes it highly scalable and flexible in real-time situations.

One of the main reasons why Node.js has become so popular amongst the Node.js Development Company is that it makes use of JavaScript as its primary language which helps in reducing the coding errors.

Now, let’s focus on the top reasons why you should hire Node.js developers for your next project:

  1. Js is Fast:Node.js can increase the speed of any framework with its Google V8 engines. Such Google V8 engines assemble JavaScript into native machine code which makes it run speedily. Node.js Development Company can help businesses build flexible and fast network applications that can run in parallel connections with high throughput. PayPal reported a 35% decrease in the response time and double requests per second after deploying the Node.js application. Similar to PayPal, many varieties of industries have now shifted to Node.js, as shown below.
  2. Real-time web applications: It comes with incredible features for developing real-time apps such as chats or aming. With tools like asynchronous, single-threaded nature, nonblocking, Node.js fits the requirements of online gaming, chats, video conferences, and more (wherever data update is needed). As Node.js developers write JavaScript on both the client and server end, the data transfer between the ends for synchronization becomes easy.
  3. Cross-platform Development: js also allows the development of cross-platform apps on platforms such as Electron, NW.js. This supports the reuse of certain codes from the web app to the desktop version for macOS, Windows, or Linux. Node.js is widely chosen for its IoT, so if you are looking to enhance your app performance our Node.js development services are your best bet.
  4. Blend microservices: Because of its lightweight technology, Node.js is regarded as one of the best architecture for microservices. Therefore, breaking the logic of application into smaller fragments allows better flexibility. Your basic functionality can be enhanced with extra features using Node.js. Our Custom-made Node.js solutions can help you manage your micro-tasks like reporting, email marketing, CMS, deployment, and much more to ensure that every complexity is handled with ease.
  5. Node Package Module (NPM): NPM- the default manager of Node.js acts as a marketplace for open-source JavaScript tools. Every week about 10,000 new tools are published in the NPM registry, making the Node ecosystem rich. Such tools enable Installation, updates, utilizing smaller modules of open-source software packages. All the hassles of building an app from scratch can thus be avoided. Developers can edit the code lines based on business requirements and avoid writing complicated codes.
  6. Cross-functional Team: Working with Node involves a cross-functional team. Each member contributes to the entire app development right from writing codes, hosting, testing, and maintenance which adds value to the existing resources of Node.js. Such an agile environment brings innovation and increases productivity by delivering the application in less time.
  7. Longer Support: It is necessary to stick with one programming language because if the Node.js developer is well versed in a single platform, the tasks are carried out smoothly. To ensure that the Node.js Development Company gets going, Node provides long term support. Your application can hence be based on a single technology, without needing to switch between the platforms or languages.
  8. Fullstack Node Development: js is a part of a robust tech stack and has proven its potential as an undisputed leader among other programming languages. It has become a significant stand-alone player that brings many benefits to the tech stack.

In conclusion

Did you know that about 98% of Fortune 500 companies use Node.js?


Well, apart from the reasons above – It is also more cost and time-efficient than other tech stacks to handle the traffic of your business.

The list can still go on and on…

Are you looking for Custom made Node.js solutions? Get in touch with our Node.js developers and design a high performing web application for your business

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