8 Tips on Choosing Plus Size Bottom for Women

 Curvy, shapely women find buying clothes daunting because it seems the bottoms available create unflattering stomach pooches, flatten the backside, or cause them to look bigger. Thankfully with a few tips, choosing plus size bottoms is more of a treat than a dread. Implement the following eight tips into your shopping experiences and bring home the stylish bottoms that create the bold, vivacious appeal you seek.

  1. Shop Your Favorite Brands

Browse bottoms from brands you have successfully worn in the past. Sticking with one or two brands that you like eases shopping tension and helps ensure you spend money on clothing that flatters your unique body style and shape. Most designers offer several bottoms styles. Do not be afraid to experiment to expand your wardrobe and your look!

  1. Know Your Measurements

Check your measurements before shopping. Measure your waist at the narrowest point right beneath the rib cage. Measure the inseam, or the length between your crotch and ankle. Shop for tall jeans if this number is above 32 inches and petite if you fall under 30 inches. Use the designer’s fit guide to better help correctly choose the appropriate bottoms size.

  1. Consider the Rise and Fit

When shopping for jeans, rise and fit are important considerations. Low-rise jeans sit low on the hips. Mid-size jeans sit mid-waist and high-rise jeans cover the midsection. Many plus-size women prefer high-rise jeans when they want to hide their stomach. Each jeans style comes in trendy fashions and styles. The fit determines the amount of stretch a pair of jeans has. Baggy jeans fit loosely down the bottom half of the body. Skinny jeans snugly fit the bottom and often stretch. Regular fit jeans are the most versatile of the options.

  1. Know Your Body Shape

Every woman has a unique shape that makes her special. Pear, hourglass, and apple body shapes are most common in plus-sized women. Know your body shape and choose bottoms that appeal to that shape. Looser, straight-legged pants look best on pear shapes. Hourglass figures look great wearing straight-legs as well. Apple body shapes and people with combination shapes usually look best wearing slim leg pants that hug the waist.

  1. Read All About It

Read online reviews concerning specific brands or bottoms styles. This information reduces purchases that you will later regret and the inconveniences they cause. Online reviews provide valuable information to shoppers, from shoppers, who have been in your shoes before. Many retailers offer sites on the product page. You can also perform a quick Google search for additional information.

  1. Spandex is Your Friend

Mixing in a bit of spandex with your cotton bottoms gives them a softer comfort and feel. Jeans containing 1% – 3% elastane are supportive to a plus-size figure, which can flatten the stomach. The jeans are easier to wear and come in tons of styles and designs to appease your style requirements and body shape. Spandex lasts longer than traditional cotton denim jeans.

  1. Choose Classic Black Bottoms

Black is the go-to color for bottoms (and tops, too) for many people, including plus-sized individuals. The right black bottoms can easily be dressed up for special occasions or worn casually on the weekends. Black bottoms create a slimming illusion as well, perfect for anyone with reservations about a tummy pooch or other concerns.

  1. Invest in Yoga Pants

Sure, yoga pants are not exactly the best pants to wear to work or other professional events, but for every other occasion, you cannot find a more comfortable pair of bottoms. Invest in a few pairs of yoga pants to learn this secret firsthand. Wearing other bottoms after a few days in a pair of yoga pants is not easy. Yoga pants come in tons of colors and designs, they are comfortable, slimming, and can help you show off that gorgeous figure!

Author’s Bio: Lisa Eclesworth is a notable and influential lifestyle writer. She is a mom of two and a successful homemaker. She loves to cook and create beautiful projects with her family. She writes informative and fun articles that her readers love and enjoy. You can directly connect with her on email – lisa@lisaeclesworth.com or visit her website www.lisaeclesworth.com   

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