A Detailed Review of gDMSS Plus for Windows

A Detailed Review of gDMSS Plus for Windows

The gDMSS Plus is a popular paid remote surveillance software designed for Android and iOS devices. This application supports its users to monitor CCTV cameras through their mobile gadgets.  

You can focus on how to make use of this application in your Windows computer and get the desired benefits. Attention-grabbing features of the gDMSS Plus for windows encourage many people to download and install this android application in their Windows computer by using the Android emulator. Users of this app get loads of favourable things from the push alarm function. For example, they receive the notification on time as expected.  

About the gDMSS Plus

The gDMSS Plus for the personal computer with the Windows operating system provides the basic features like the video recording and video playback to make its users happier than ever. Enhanced features and facilities in this mobile surveillance app let users to monitor their surveillance cameras from any location at any time. However, users of the personal computer with the Windows OS must download an Android emulator on their computer and log in to their Google Account at first. They can proceed to Google Play Store and download the gDMSS Plus.  

The best paid remote surveillance app

As a beginner to the gDMSS Plus for windows, you have to be aware of why you have to get this app on your computer. You can get this paid remote surveillance app on your personal computer and get the complete assistance to keep it open and monitor the surveillance camera on a constant basis without any difficulty. As compared to continuously monitoring the surveillance camera through this app on the mobile, you can do it on your PC. This is because you can easily understand what leads to any issue at any time. 


The gDMSS is a security application and designed for the purpose of handling the remote surveillance services. Individuals who have the security camera or cameras at their home can pair them with this app through the Internet. Once they have successfully done it, they can monitor their home from anywhere at any time as expected.

 They can have a push alarm which keeps individuals away from the property. Users of the gDMSS Plus for windows can take snaps or pictures of the perpetrators and handle it to the police. They feel comfortable and at peace of mind for protecting their home with this application. 

Get the remote security solution

Anyone with an interest to get the overall favourable things from the remote security solution can prefer and use the gDMSS Plus application in their computer. There are so many challenges to keep the home safe particularly when you are far away from home. You can overcome such challenges with the remote security solution gDMSS. 

How to monitor the property remotely  

New and regular users of this app get 100% satisfaction. This is because they are comfortable and successful in their way to use this app and monitor their home remotely. Anyone who has chosen this app can customize it in a proper way and start using its exclusive features in an efficient way. The following details explain some of the best features of this application. 

    • 32 channel playback at a time
    • A high resolution video in particular 4K video streaming support 
    • Alarm events management 
    • Channel splitting support 
  • Cloud P2p support    
  • Control the PTZ cameras 
  • Customize views for all cameras and support up to 128 channels at the same time 
  • Dwell Monitoring system
  • Facility to watch up to 128 channels at a time
  • Import and export choices for the software setting 
  • IP camera and IP devices support 
  • IPv6 address supported 
  • Joystick control
  • Mainstream video and sub-streams video support 
  • Multi Language option
  • Recording on the PC
  • Smart tracking for all fish eye and PTZ cameras 
  • Support for Windows 7/8/10
  • The fisheye camera supports the virtual PTZ operation through the mouse 
  • User management 
  • View recording by events as well as time bar

Monitor the CCTVs on the computer 

The main purpose of the gDMSS is to monitor the CCTV cameras on the PC. Users of this app can manage their CCTV cameras on the personal computer from anywhere at any time. They can also use this app to connect other devices from the Dahua like the video intercom, access control and IP cameras. They can also manage these devices on their personal computer.  Anyone who has invested in the Dahua manufactured security systems can choose and use gDMSS Plus application.  

How to Download gDMSS Plus for Windows

Users of the personal computer with any version of the Windows operating system can install the gDMSS Plus for windows after they have installed the first-class Android emulator in their computer.  

They can find and download one of the most recommended Android emulators in their personal computer at first. Once they have done it, they can login to their Google account and access the Google Play Store. Now, they have to search for the gDMSS Plus for PC and install this application in their computer. The following details about the step by step procedure for installing this app guide you as expected. 

    • Download and install the Android emulator on the PC
    • Login to the Google account 
    • Go to the Google Play Store
    • Search for the gDMSS Plus for PC
  • Click Install 

An easy way to download and install this application on the personal computer is helpful a lot to everyone and encourages many users of this app to recommend it to others. 

Final Word

Everyone with a requirement for monitoring their home security camera remotely can focus on everything about the gDMSS Plus as comprehensive as possible. They get the absolute guidance and make positive changes in their way to secure their property as expected. 

This app provides a unique and powerful way to enhance the home security beyond the expectations of its users. This app is really helpful a lot when it comes to taking clear pictures and showing who has attacked the property.  The gDMSS Plus for windows is recommended for anyone with a requirement for successfully monitoring their surveillance cameras from anywhere at any time. 

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