A Guide for Getting Cheap Health Insurance for Individuals in Switzerland

Switzerland has a lot more to offer than just delighting alpine gradients, delicious chocolate, and appealing natural beauty. With an established health insurance management, Switzerland has a world-class significance in its health sector. They have well-trained specialists and a comprehensive hierarchy of healthcare centers and hospitals. It is a significant draw for many people looking to relocate here permanently or who have a residence or work in Switzerland must obtain health insurance.  Just like many things in this beautiful country, it is pretty costly. By choosing it wisely and doing some research can help you get cheap health insurance in Switzerland. 


We guide you to steer the Swiss healthcare and health insurance system, including the types of plans available and what’s needed to get the coverage you need. Also, we guide you to understand the tactics of this entire system to select a very suitable and cost-effective plan.


Private and public health insurance, which one should I obtain?


Before we go deeper, let’s understand the two types of insurance plans.


Private insurance


It’s very prominent among the people to go for private supplemental insurance to encircle the features and benefits not available under the Basic insurance plan, services such as outpatient assistance, orthodontic or osteopathic treatment. Did you know? More than 80% of people take private health insurance plans in the last moment rush. Although private supplemental insurance isn’t mandatory, its feature could match your health care needs. Premiums are set by the providers and could vary. The point to note here is that an insurance company can accept or deny the policy 


Public insurance


The government of Switzerland authorizes that every citizen has Basic health insurance protection. The law determines the primary health insurance advantages. This law ensures that all providers offer identical basic health coverage, covering illness, maternity care, casualties, and emergencies. Individuals are supposed to choose their insurance from one of over 60 Swiss government-approved providers. 


As per the World Health Organization, 10.8% of the Swiss government’s GDP is on their health sector.


Both the insurance covers have various options to choose which you can manage to get your insurance at a cheap premium. Let’s discuss them.


How Online Comparison can help you


Stats say that many people in Switzerland spend too much on their health insurance premiums. Are you one of them? Yes, Then neutralize the premium shock now. With a shift of insurance, you can save hundreds of francs every year on your premiums, and sometimes even thousands of francs. For Basic insurance, you would still enjoy the same advantages since, by law, these have to be identical with every insurance company.


Compare your existing health insurance premiums online in just a matter of minutes without any obligation and find out, free of charge, about various options, their charges, benefits, discounts, which insurance company gives you maximum benefits at minimum pricing. Health insurance comparison in Switzerland is all about just how much you could save on your premiums. The health insurance comparison website is available in English and Italian.


Find out your personal savings potential in just a matter of minutes and quit giving away extra money to your insurance company. Everyone should frequently survey how favorable their health insurance protection is.


Top Categories to Lower 


Let’s have a quick look at the top categories which can bring down your insurance premiums.

Trusting on your deduction rate, insurance category, and age, your health insurance company may have considerably enhanced premiums for current and upcoming years 2021-2020 and in the other cantons as well. While everything persists identical for you, you must use the non-binding health insurance comparison to discover your personal savings potential. Because if other health insurance companies have decreased their premiums, you will be spending unnecessarily additional with your current provider.


Even if the comparison only shows minor preservations, it is worth shifting your health insurance provider. Even a little redemption in premiums will rapidly make itself felt in your wallet. Ten francs a month add up to 120 francs a year. 


Have a relook on deductibles. An increase in deductibles has significant savings on insurance premiums. Though it will increase your side contribution, you can weigh it out as per .your needs with the yearly savings.

Consider paying your premium in one go instead of monthly. It could lower down your premium by about 2%.   


Bringing all your family members under one cover instead of individual covers also gives you a discount on your premium.


Lowering your health insurance modal can bring down the health insurance premium by 15% to 25%. Study this option well. It could give you benefit and saving both.    


There is a point to note here. You will have to think considering factors like: 

Your family’s overall health care needs, medical conditions, The city you live in and the availability of doctors there, Your financial conditions, Planning to have a child or the family way, 

How many numbers of kids and old age members etc. 


These are a few points to guide you to make appropriate decisions and save wisely.




Keep in mind your safety is assured by your insurance provider. Also, keep in mind that you are paying for that, so reviewing the shift of plans and prices will help you save money. Use comparisons, examine the changes made, and regularly check your status and compare with others. There is always a good scope in health insurance comparison in Switzerland and done easily too. These are the fundamentals of saving big on your premium.

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