A Guide to Oilfield Construction Jobs

In order to find an oilfield construction job, you need to know a few things before applying. Some of these tips are Experience, Equipment, Travel requirements, Safety policies, and more. 

The more you know about these factors, the better prepared you will be for the field. Besides, you will be able to negotiate better with employers when it comes to salary.


If you are interested in working in the oil industry, oilfield construction jobs may be for you. Compared to traditional jobs, oilfield construction careers offer more days off. 

Most oil rigs run on a 14/21 day schedule, which means you work for two weeks and then get two to three weeks off. 

This flexible schedule gives you the opportunity to relax and spend time with your family. It also allows you to travel and spend time away from home.

As the jobs are often located in remote locations, oilfield construction companies provide free accommodations to their workers. 

Finding accommodation in remote areas can be expensive, so oilfield construction companies provide free lodging for their employees or charge them only a minimal amount to cover their expenses. Additionally, they offer three meals a day and laundry services.


In oilfield construction jobs, safety is a top priority. Companies should have sound policies and practices that prevent accidents or injuries from occurring. Experienced individuals will follow standard safety measures while completing the project. 

Injuries can cause damage to the project and to the construction company. Therefore, hiring an experienced team is important.

When choosing an oilfield construction company, consider their level of experience. Companies with a long history of successful projects will likely have an excellent reputation in the industry. Therefore, they can be trusted to complete the project efficiently.

Safety Policies

Safety policies for oilfield construction jobs can help ensure that every employee is protected from harm. They can also help ensure that workers aren’t working on equipment they aren’t familiar with. These policies should be communicated to all employees and subcontractors on a construction site. 

It’s also a good idea to make sure that all employees and subcontractors are trained in basic first aid procedures. First aid kits should be readily available and stocked with the necessary supplies.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has published several guidelines and standards for the oil and gas industry. These include the General Duty Clause, the NIOSH Code, and OSHA directives.

These standards are designed to protect workers from injuries, illness, and even death while they are working.

Travel requirements

Oilfield construction jobs are often demanding and require a lot of travel. As oilfields are located all over the world, many employees must spend long days away from home and often on a daily basis. Although the pay is high, it is important to plan ahead for the long days on the road.

The most basic requirement for oilfield construction jobs is a class one driver’s license, allowing you to drive any kind of equipment. You’ll also need First Aid and H2S tickets, which can be obtained by taking a two-day course. Oilfield jobs also typically require hard labor experience. 

If you don’t have any experience, try to contact current employees who may be able to pass your resume to the boss. Keep in mind that jobs are often handed out to friends or relatives of the hiring manager.

Medical insurance

If you are employed in an oilfield construction job, you should look into medical insurance. These insurance policies are often very affordable and will cover your medical bills. You will also benefit from having a plan that covers death benefits. These benefits are often seventy-five percent of the average weekly wage of the deceased worker.

Oilfield construction jobs are typically in remote locations. As a result, the cost of transportation to and from work can quickly break your monthly budget. Fortunately, many oilfield construction companies offer quality transportation, and they pay for it. The company can also provide you with a plane ticket so that you can visit your family every now and then.


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