A language service provider to help you make a trade fair a success

If this year you are attending a trade show as an exhibitor, you may be concerned about how to best communicate what your company and your products can do to a customer in another country.

Below is our advice on how a language service provider can help you make a trade fair a success and expand your international customer base.

Speak directly to your audience

Languages ​​and cultures are important elements to take into account when marketing your products internationally. Translation from english to arabic for your content, such as company brochures or product data sheets, will help you convey essential information to potential customers from different cultures and countries. It also shows the efforts you have made to get closer to them and lay the foundations for a new partnership.

If you want to get a contract with a particular company or in a targeted sector, the clarity and quality of your content are key. At The Translation People, we choose translators with skills and qualifications suited to the projects they are working on, ensuring that even the most technical documents are translated efficiently and accurately.

Do you need an interpreter?

While waiting for the event, you are probably thinking about possible face to face with your current or potential customers. If you have a meeting scheduled with a client speaking a language different from yours, having an interpreter present can help avoid communication issues and make the meeting as a whole easier. If you want an interpreter to be present, starting to look for one in advance is essential.

Like all companies, you invest significant sums in your communications, because they reflect your image and your values. When it comes to financial reporting, accuracy and precision are paramount. A bad translation represents a significant risk because it can damage the image of your company with your customers, partners, or investors, or have more serious consequences if they mislead the reader. That is why your translation, like your communications, should be entrusted to professionals.

Every detail counts

Sometimes it’s the details that make the difference. Bilingual business cards will stand out more easily in the eyes of a potential client, among the hundreds they will likely receive during the event. Learning the traditional greetings in the customer’s culture can also help them remember you. It is also important to learn what not to do when greeting a customer, in order to avoid awkward moments or discussions.

Follow up

Now that you have a stack of business cards and have promised to make contact, what to do? Linking up during the event is just the first step. Following up with a thank you message or email is often the second step to take, and sending a bilingual version can add a personal touch.

What to do once their attention is caught?

If you think the relationship you’ve created with a client will lead to future business activities, or has already been successful, maybe it’s time to think about translating more content. Have you translated your website? The technical sheets of your products? Your brochures and communication media related to your products? Your contracts and HR documents?

If you wish to discuss a translation or interpretation need, do not hesitate to contact us via our website or your project manager.

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