Acer Predator XB273K Review

Acer Predator

The Acer Predator XB273K is a relative product of the adored Predator X27—which sits close to the highest point of our best gaming monitor records and at the pinnacle of our best 4K monitor for gaming list—and carries with it a specific feeling of fervor. Assessing the determinations on paper, it appears to be a nearby cousin of the X27. Exceptionally close. So close, from appearance to specs, that it is extremely difficult to differentiate. Regardless, given the standing of Acer’s Predator arrangement, there’s an awesome motivation to be idealistic here.

Furthermore, given the value distinction between the XB3 and the X27—an astounding almost $1000 value hole—there’s a longing to check whether that distinction is quantifiable in exhibition as well. Putting it gruffly, if the XB3 can stand its ground, especially even with the X27, we may have another 4K sheriff around.  Also, you must have the high-end graphics card on your pc if you want to have such monitor in order to have the best performance.

The XB273K’s gaming family is evident the subsequent you unpack it: it is a 27-inch, G-Sync empowered, IPS 144hz gaming monitor, that flaunts a 4ms dark to-dim reaction rate, and a 144Hz invigorate rate. Gracious, and a 4K goal. Furthermore, it has HDR. As a beginning reference point, those are similar specs as the X27 behemoth. On the off chance that a monitor can offer all these and hit the nail on the head, at that point it is very something (in the event that you have the apparatus to benefit as much as possible from the entirety of the specs).

Somewhere else, the XB273K gives you a decent scope of choices inside its menu to convey those gaming specs, going from various gaming presets (Acer’s GameView choices), to blue light settings you can conform to spare your eyes. There is unquestionably enough here to depend on for stopping and playing, just as making an ideal setting yourself, whatever you’re into. The catches to get to the menu are sufficiently simple to utilize, and the primary stick makes it especially easy to explore. Also, the ports you have accessible increment your capacity to one or the other attachment and go or adjust to your machines’ necessities: a HDMI; DisplayPort and five USB 3.0 ports are at your administration.

With the security shields arrangement (lessening monitor glare and reflection), I booted up certain games to test the monitor with. The wonderful Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is only that: magnificent. The entire game is inconceivably clear and has the crispest of picture characteristics for sure; no obscured or smeared edges to see and each element looks totally characterized and graphically distinguished. Specific features are the manner in which water impacts, lighting, reflections and sheens are introduced, however there is equivalent satisfaction to be had from scene includes, individuals and metropolitan components. All further profiting by a broad greatness in shading, difference, shades (and shadows) and tones.

Going hazier, I go to Metro Exodus, and am promptly welcomed with an incredible quality picture. Any scene or view from Artyom’s viewpoint is fabulously clear and pleasing. The differences are especially solid with any tones punching through the grays and blacks. Nonetheless, the more modest subtleties here are similarly acceptable, down to apparel detail, skin tone and composition, and outward appearances indeed. Departure’s archetype and cousin, Metro Redux demonstrated that the Acer Predator XB273K handles close absolute dim conditions very well undoubtedly. There is an inundation elevating quality to the blacks and grays of the Metro and those games absolutely don’t feel five years of age on the XB273K.

Playing Apex Legends on the XB273K, at max settings, flawlessly crossing and easily going around Kings Canyon is outstanding amongst other Apex Legends encounters I’ve had with regards to monitors. Not exclusively did the picture quality from different games remain, yet the speed and perfection of the monitor furnishes me with a magnificent, smooth picture at 144Hz. The speed of the monitor implies that there is no misfortune in quality in any event, when you’re turning on the spot wildly attempting to discover your adversaries, or fluttering between shots in cover.

Having utilized the Acer Predator XB273K for a long time of gaming, and afterward utilizing the monitor as an everyday work monitor, there truly aren’t any huge deficiencies. The sticker price is still high for a gaming monitor (ordinarily about $1000), however at $1,000 less expensive than the X27—apparently the pioneer in the field—the XB273K offers genuine incentive for a monitor that is probably going to future verification you for quite a long time.

All in, the main genuine contrast between the two are a slight decrease in the astounding HDR: the HDR is appraised 400 nits (which is the base) on the XB273K and 1000 nits on the X27. In basic terms the HDR is somewhat dimmer on the XB273K. That is it. It’s certainly outstanding amongst other we’ve tried and on the off chance that it actually descends in a value it’ll be a flat out deal.

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