Actresses Who Made Their Big Screen Debut in 2021

 As a result of the pandemic, many of the big-name stars in the show biz have been missed. What resulted are new engaging activities in the media platforms have been performed, reintroducing some of the old and new names coming to the spotlight. The female counterparts were given the space to explore the new opportunities, and here are some of the names that hit our big screen for the year 2021.

  1. Scarlett Johansson

 Famously known for repeatedly playing in the marvel Black widow role, Scarlett has made a name for herself after the success of this movie and having a mark in the role she played. Especially when she is acting alone in the role of being a bloody assassin and as a spy. She is now at the top of her career after being featured in a series of The Avengers show both as a stand-alone actor and guest actor in several successful movies such as the Iron man, Captain America and the Civil War.

 2. Christina Hendricks

 Christina Hendricks is another figure that deserves credits as per her performance for the year 2021. Known from her characters in the films such as Mad Men and the Neon and The Diamond, she came to light with her involvement with the Netflix series, Good Girls. The series is about struggling three moms who unintentionally turned out to be involved in crimes when trying to stabilize their families. Christina acts as the main Mom who tries it all to stay at the top of her game. Throughout the series, Hendricks’ actual performance is displayed and captures the heart of many audiences that portrays someone to admire whether with the right decision or not.

 3. Jennifer Lawrence

 The 2021 female debut would not be complete without the Hunger Game actor Jennifer Lawrence name appearing. After featuring in District 13, her performance has been top-notch and has remained like that as she continues receiving awards and nominations all over.

 Recently, she has coupled with Leonardo DiCaprio to release Don’t Look Up. This is a science Fiction movie comedy where DiCaprio acts as a junior scientist who predicts that the earth is about to be hit by a giant comet, which does not come to happen. The official movie was released, and you can watch it online on the a to z movies.

 4. Emily Blunt

 Emily Blunt has never disappointed her audience since being featured in The Quiet Place or with her role in Mary Poppins Returns. Recently, she was seen casting alongside Dwayne Johnson in the Jumanji thriller action movie Jungle Cruise. Her energetic, fun producing skills are still unbelievable as she continues collecting a number of prizes and nominations through the film industry.

 5. Elizabeth Olsen

 2021 was a year for the icon actress Elizabeth Olsen. After being featured in the Avenger as Wanda, she was able to have a full show dedicated to Scarlet Witch, with episode one already aired on screens. The series has received a lot of credits with her audience making costumes of the witch during Halloween.

 In the MCU, the series was well-received, making Olsen a public figure. She has collected over 23 nominations and prizes for the year 2021. Olsen started his acting career while still young, with her twin sisters Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

 6. Zendaya

 Zendaya started to be featured on the big screens in 2019, acting as rocky in Shake It Up; she played the role of a backup dancer. Later on, in 2013, she became a casting crew Dancing With the Stars member.

 One of the biggest steps she made was taking the lead in Euphoria. This is an HBO drama series where a teen struggles with drug addictions while still in high school. The show portrays an emotional and inspiring teen to her audience.

 Her resume has been growing since then, with her being featured in the spider man MJ role. She has also been featured in several latest movies, such as the romantic film of Malcolm and Marie animated comedy with LeBron James in Space Jam which all have received high credits. With her trends in the production of movies, Zedaya has shown that she is a top actress of today’s world.

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