Adapting the food business during the covid 19 frenzy

Covid 19 or the coronavirus pandemic is getting on the nerves of the people. We are all at home in lockdown since March 2020. The year is about to end in ten days. 2020 is supposed to end with the good news of vaccines coming overboard, people healing and starting their job. But, it seems like things are taking a different turn overall. The coronavirus’s second wave is hitting different parts of the World with more virulence and devastating energy. Most of the states are going into lockdown. Amidst all the hassle, the business industries and individual startups are going through most difficulties; these places solely depend upon the demand and supply chain. Besides, most of our factories, food restaurants, and service shops depend on manual operation. So, the social distancing and precautionary steps and forcing the businesses to shut down for good.

Why need business adaptation?

As most of the manual business facilities are shutting off, there are arising problems from both ends. Most of the companies are trying to come online and promote the work from home themes. But, the food supply chain problem remains the same. Depending on McDonald’s or KFC for a cheap lunch, the people have to spend more than three times the amount on home cooking. On the other side restaurant manager jobs are getting scarce. The employees working in these food chains and restaurants are not getting wages. So, it’s getting harder for most of them to live a decent life. So, after waiting for about a year, no one can deny that this is the time to adapt to this new normal situation and find out a way to sustain through this outbreak.

Adapting to the pandemic

The virus outbreak made us realize that hygiene maintenance is a big issue to maintain good health. Most of the restaurants are lagging in this sector. Now, it is time for the home chefs to take up the private kitchen to lease as they provide high-grade equipment that has already been licensed, permitted, and inspected for use. People opt for freshly made, homemade foods over frozen and pre-made food, even if it costs a little more than usual. You can open a Facebook or Instagram page to promote your food business for free. Several boosting and promoting websites are working to reach your page as content to the potential buyer base. Otherwise, you may also develop a website to promote your food business and take it to another level by making it a safe and secure food chain. For example, you can make the food at home, pack it carefully, and hire a delivery service to deliver it to your customer’s door. In this way, you will also be able to catch the food home delivery market like the chain shops, superstores, and some others.

Collaborating and paid promotion with several online food bloggers will also be very helpful. You can send them a complimentary food package to enjoy and give an honest review. It will boost up your sales to any extent.

Safety protocol

Maintaining safety and hygiene is the biggest challenge in this situation. Wearing a mask can be very tough while cooking all these spices, steam, and stuff. You may use a cotton mask instead of surgical or K95 masks to prevent fogging and getting more suffocated. Also, using a mask band will relieve the ear pain from long usage.  You need to wear rubber gloves to cut, wash, and cook the items to maintain a hundred percent touch free environment as the virus doesn’t enter your body through the intact skin. But, it may enter the food, packaging, and other ways.

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