All You Need to Know About Bentleigh West Kindergarten

Bentleigh West Kindergarten

Do you have a young toddler in your house who is ready to attend their first day of kindergarten? Studies show that nearly 90% of eligible kids were enrolled in preschool in Australia in 2017.

For any parent, it is a feeling of great joy and pride for any parent to send their young offspring to school to learn their first words, play their first game, and more.

With that being said, one of the best schools out there is Bentleigh West kindergarten, a place where your child feels at home.

Before you settle on any dream school of choice, it is vital to know the purpose of kindergarten.

What is Kindergarten?

A kindergarten is a nursery school where young toddlers from ages 4 or 7 go for playing, nurturing, and essentially learning to enter a formal educational system.

You must consider excellent kindergarten for your kids to imbibe the following skills in them.

  • Social skills
  • Emotional development
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Study skills
  • Good self-esteem values

With momzillas on the loose everywhere, you might feel pressured to send your child to school as early as possible. However, don’t stress out at all! The average age for children to start kindergarten is five years old.

Some gifted students may begin at the age of 4, or they may even start at 7! So, there is no right or wrong as such.


Is kindergarten a good place for children with special needs?

All children are welcome in the warm and open arms of kindergarten. There is qualified assistance available for students who might need special needs resources. As parents, you need not worry about your child at school.

In any kindergarten system, you will find the following facilities for children with special needs kids:

  • Multiple suitable Victorian state government programs
  • A safe space available for four and 5-year-old children
  • Qualified teachers with a proficient degree and registered in early childhood care
  • Annual free information evening for all families to address their queries

Why is Bentleigh West kindergarten different from the rest?

You must be wondering why you should send your child to Bentleigh West Kindergarten. Well, here are a few reasons why you should put this school right at the top of your list:

  • Very high-quality Montessori education for early years
  • Only highly trained and qualified Montessori educators within the school
  • An exclusive Chinese Immersion language program
  • Teachers for language programs who are VIT registered in Early Childhood
  • Well-equipped and up-to-date Montessori classrooms for students
  • A sustainability program as they care about the future of the coming generations
  • Inspire Signature Music lessons within the program
  • Montessori workshops and events that are free of cost for parents
  • Nutritious and well-balanced meals for the young, growing children in the kitchen on-campus
  • A Montessori quality assurance program in place to ensure the training and development for ELJ campuses

Final Words

You were sending your children into the big world to make their future can be terrifying. Kindergarten is the first step that your child takes out of the safety and comfort of your home.

Make the experience very comfortable and memorable as possible, and go for that preschool that compliments you and your child’s first steps into formal education perfectly.

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